(H) CE Hunter LF New Raiding Home

Hello I am back into the game in shadowlands after taking a break this summer after my guild stopped raiding.

I have mained hunter since I started raiding back in Legion, but am open to playing other classes. I have got CE in BoD and Nyalotha as well. Constantly fighting the attendance boss within guilds i join and hope to be a new member of a CE, friend driven guild.

Link to my Raider.Io is https://raider.io/characters/us/zuljin/Bonepowa?utm_source=addon

Bump for good measure. Didn’t notice that the character i was posting under was a random Toon.

Hello! And thanks for visiting Perfect Loot

We are looking to recruit more people to join our gaming community and mythic raiding environment, with a heavy focus on getting cutting edge every patch!

We are looking for DPS and Healers for our mythic raiding team in Shadowlands!
Also looking to grow our gaming community, so all casual and game lovers are welcome!

We are currently looking for the following classes for Shadowlands!
Disc priest
Holy Paladin
Resto Druid
Frost Mage
Destro/Affliction Warlock
Shadow Priest
Fury Warrior
Sub Rogue
Balance Druid
Ret Pally

Raid days are Tues-Thursday, hours are 8:30PM-11:30PM Eastern time.

Contact Gentlepalm @ Gentle#11834 or Bazhunter @ bazhunter#1268

Thank you!

Would love to hear from you!