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tickle fart

Messaged Louzar on discord!

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Great getting to chat with you! Still looking for more. Especially some range DPS and a couple healers possibly :D. Come outheal me plz.

Hello, ive added both of you on bnet to chat.

sent friend request on disc and wow interested in tank spot

Returning player interested in your tank spot, if still available. Sent friend request to both contacts on bnet. Blue4104#1614.

Returning player interested in an rdps spot, main is a warlock but I would also be down to level an alt that fills whatever is needed. bnet is Zalcore#1295 and sent friend requests to both. Would love to talk!

I’m returning for shadowlands. I will be maining hunter. I didnt play much in BFA and haven’t raided since Antorus but have some outstanding logs 97% parse average in AOTC content. Bnet message me if interested kayaksc#1904. Thanks

.:eyes: :eyes: :eyes: . pew pew

added both, I play boomkin/resto / spriest / BM hunter

are you guys looking for shadow priests ?

Hey. I’m a Mage (Currently Night Fae Fire 185ilvl). I raid on Saturdays with friends on a laid back group, but I’m looking to push the content a bit more on a separate raid team and your’s sounds like an opportunity to do just that. If you are still looking for Ranged dps (Mage). I’d be glad to trial with you guys.

Bnet: Cyclops#1970

Good evening,

I used to raid with you guys back in BoD before everyone decided to break. I think my mage is still in the guild funnily enough.

Anyway, I was hoping to reach out and speak with someone about maybe rejoining (attempts were made in Nyalotha.) I added Cartur via bnet.

Look forward to speaking with you

Updated recruitment needs, come one come all!

come check us out. we are also running keys all the time

6/10 Heroic now!

add me frosty nick#13796

Come one come all!

Goblins are sus

Louzar is gonna be boomkin? :sunglasses: