[horde] Brm/ww monk LF mythic guild

I am looking to get back into the raiding scene this xpac, I would strongly prefer to tank but I will also ww as well. I would like to stay on illidian if i am able to but I do have a few server i MIGHT consider moving to: Area-52, Thrall, Mal’ganis. Other than that I would not consider any other server.

Desired Environment: I want a raiding team that not only has fun in raid but also chills outside of raid hanging out in discord, pushing m+, and even playing other games together IE PoE leagues.


Nax:15/15 25 man
OS: 3D 25 man
Uld: 13/13 25 man up to firefighter hardmode (10/13)
TOC: 4/5H 25 man
ICC: 12/12N 25 man 7/12H 25 man

didnt raid first tier.
firelands: 6/7H 10 man
Dragon soul 7/8h 10 man

MSV: 6/6 normal 1/6H
HoF: 5/6 normal 0/6H
Toes: 2/4N 0/4H first boss hardmode done
ToT: 12/12N 7/13H
SoO: 14/14H CE

HighMaul: 6/7M
BRF: 5/10M
HFC: 13/13M CE

EN: 7/7M CE
NH: 7/10m - started taking raiding more casual here.
ToS: week 1 CE no mythic
Argus: week 1 CE 7 or 8 bosses mythic

uldir: 6/7m - I raid lead at this point it was a brand new guild.
BoD: 5/10m - Guild i raid lead fell apart due to roster issues.
Stopped raiding until current tier
Nya: 11/12M - officers in guild decided not to do nzoth.

Castle Nathria: 10/10n 3/10h - ive just done some very casual pug groups of the most part.

Non raiding:
MoP: got a few realm best CMs
WoD: starting really getting in CMs and started pushing a few world best cm times.
Legion: 3.5k IO
BFA: 3.8k IO, quit pushing when guild broke up in early-mid july
Current (shadowlands) 770 IO

My current characters:

What I am willing to play: I am a monk main and will always favor monks over any other class however, as a tank I will play any tank that is best suited for the current raid other than warrior, warrior is a class I do not enjoy the tanking style on so I try to stay away

still looking.

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Hi is your prior raiding experience as a WW monk or as a tank?

We’re on malganis horde. T/W 8 to 11 EST. Morpheus#1478

a mix of both mostly brm though.

for some reason it was my old classic account that posted haha but add my btag turbs#1391 we are defs interested in a brewmaster

I saw those servers listed but if you’re willing to go on Zul’jin we have a core tank position available!