[H]<ANTIQUATED>Casual Guild Looking for Healer & DPS, 9/10H

Are you old? Decrepit even? Cant play like you used to? Or just stuck at home? Then come check us out. Just some casual people playing the game at our own pace. Still plan on doing as much content as we can. We are aiming to get AotC in Shadowlands (we had AoTC in BFA).

We are working on filling out our core raid group. Looking for a Healer to fill out our raid group and pushing keys! Also in need of 1 DPS (pref mage but not too picky) Currently 9/10H
Raid nights are Sunday and Wednesday @ 8:00pm CST, usually go about 2 hours.

Antiquated is family oriented keeping in mind that RL come first. (Adult average age is late 30s-early 40s) Most in the guild have families so we will all know when to censor ourselves in discord and there are no vulgar topics or bullying/shaming in guild chat. Players can attend when they want and play w/e open class they want.

New/old/returning players welcome.
Find us on the Guild Finder in game or hop on our discord and chat.
discord.gg/wp6krsSRD2 or Gameslave#4704
bnet: Morlanith#1757

Located on Gurubashi (Horde)

connected realms welcome as well:
Aegwynn, Bonechewer, Daggerspine, Gurubashi, and Hakkar

Bump, still looking for a healer!

Solid group, been progressing at a steady pace.

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Bump. We are 4 bosses in to Castle Nath, looking for good people and Solidplayer.

Bump, still looking for heals.

We are now 6/10 N, we are looking to fill a healer prior to starting Heroic. Come join us.

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Bump, still looking for a healer!

Looking for a healer, welcome to join us in raid today!

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Bump, LF heals to start pushing heroic.

Really could use more heals… though our healers are Awesome! We have a good progression track record and want to push into heroic.

Sorry Should really post on my Main

Bump, Will be starting Heroic soon

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Have we offered cookies yet? 8/10 normal starting the push into heroic soon!

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9/10 normal, starting Heroic next Wed!

Well some of us couldn’t wait, 10/10N and now 1/10H still could use another healer