[H] <It Can't Be> Zul'jin 7/8H LFM! Tues/Thurs 8-12 EST

Hey all! We are a newly formed guild on the server Zul’Jin, consisted of IRL friends experienced in high end raiding content. We’ve been together since TBC and raided in many guilds borderline Cutting Edge. We have chosen to build a raid team of our own with people who are equally committed to achieving Cutting Edge in future raids, starting with 8.2. Our goal is to build a community interested in helping one another in all content including Mythic+, PvP, and Raiding (Main and Alt raids). As for the main roster we expect the best, we will constructively make each other better through Min Maxing tips, encounter preparation and feedback to learn on the fly. Officers will take feedback like everyone else and hope to be a resource to those who need it.

EDITED: We are currently 8/8N and 7/8H in Eternal Palace. We are starting to recruit some quality players to fulfill the roster needed to achieve CE!

BoD: 8/9M Experienced leaders

Raid Schedule
Tuesday Night: 8pm - 12am EST
Thursday Night: 8pm - 12am EST


Any non-DK Tank

Disc Priest
Resto Druid
Resto Shaman

Demon Hunter
Ret Paladin

Shadow Priest

We encourage all players, even those playing classes in low demand to contact us. We’re a chill group looking to compete and have fun while we do it! Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

GM: Casti15#1473

Recruitment Officer: Casty26#1942

Raiding Officer: HTK#12624

419 Prot Pali LF Mythic Raiding Guild
Delete post
9/9m 8/8h 422 brm LF guild
420 US Horde Resto Druid LF Raiding/M+ guild
(H)Pally, Monk Tank LFG
386 Balance Druid Cho'gall (H)
415 Brewmater Monk looking for heroic guild
417 Guardian Druid LF Guild
[A] 417 ret/prot paladin lf raid team 8.2
[H] Tank/DPS LF CE
Delete post
419 Resto Druid LF Raid Group
Mw 8/9m lf guild
423 Shadow Priest Looking for Mythic
415Ilvl Gladiator Disc LF Mythic Guild
425 Boomkin LFG Mythic Prog
[H] 413 Shadow & Disc priest LF Mythic + AOTC Guild
Disclipline Priest LF 2-night Mythic guild
9/9M 419 Blood DK LFG 58 Neck
LF Guild 7/9 M
414 Prot Pally LFG
Lf merger/group to start off palace
406 BM Hunter LF guild
420 ilvl Rogue LF Mythic Guild
[H] 426 Rogue and 423 Boomkin LF Guild
Moonkin 7/8 Heroic EP exp
(H) 417 Disc/Holy Priest LF H/M Raiding Guild
DH, Resto Druid, Disc Priest LF CE guild - PST times
2DPS LF Raid Group
411 Boomy lfg for new tier
[A] 424ilvl DH LF high end raiding guild
417 balance druid
6/9M Healing Priest or Holy Paladin LFG
Found guild, closed
2 CE DPS LF Eternal Palace raid team [Horde Only Please]
+++ [H] CE Tank or DPS LFG For 8.2 +++
Multiclass CE caster LF home for EP and beyond
[H] 417 Moonkin - 9/9M - looking for CE guild
Removed post
412 Hunter LF Raiding Team for 8.2 and beyond
418 Holy Paladin LF Mythic Raid
419 9/9 CE Warlock [H] LFG
9/9M 414Item lvl Balance Druid LF Raiding Guild
415 9/9 CE Hunter
8/9M 4-5 players LF guild
417 resto druid LF 2 night guild
414 Rogue LF CE Guild [H]
418 havoc DH 9/9m LF CE guild
415 BM Hunter 8/9M XP LF CE Guild for 8.2
416 druid LFG
Ret Paladin, Havoc DH, BM Hunter LF Guild
419 BM tank lf est 7-10 raid times
A druid looking for a home
9/9M CE Hpally LF Home
Group of ~7 Looking for raid group
416 RDruid & 415 BM Monk LF 2-Day Raiding Guild
[H] 406 bear lf guild
Blood DK Tank LF Home
415 Fury/Prot warrior
416 Boomkin/Resto Flex
417 8/8M 9/9M Disc/Holy Priest LFG
[h] 415/400 bm and dk lf ce 2 day raiding guild
[H] Resto Shaman/Rogue Returning player LFG on Illidan
(H) Two People LF Guild
411 Ele + 415 Hunter/Prot Pally LF Late night WED - SAT for 8.2
5/9M rsham/hp/mw/rd
414 DH LF mythic guild for 8.2. CE exp in a top 100 US
(A) Monk Tank/Heal + Shaman Healer/dps + Boomkin lf Heroic raiding
Please Delete
(H) Two People LF Guild
Multi class 400+ ilvl chars need home
Illidan 415 mm hunter Lf mythic guild
Closed . thanks all
Disc Priest Reroll LFG
(H) 410 and 411 looking for new Guild Home
417 Hunter
408 Resto Druid LF Guild
The boys need a homeeee
[H] 420 Disc Priest 9/9M BOD 7/8H EP LF Guild
9/9m BoD Shadow Priest dps Lf Raiding Guild
424 BDK Needs a H/M Team
Former CE Healer LF Guild
411ilv 7/9m (CE xp) Boomy lf guild
Group of 5 LF Mythic Guild
410 ilvl BDK lf guild
405 Blood DK/Bear/Prot warrior LF Raid guild!
[H] Looking for 2-3 day a week AoTC daytime raiding guild boomkin/resto
419 Rogue LF Guild for 8.2
420 frost dk looking for mythic guild ((can unholy))
[H] 432 Resto Shaman LFG
Looking for raiding guild
421 Shadow/423 Disc Priest LF Guild
414/419 Hunters looking for progression raiding guild
428 DK or 424 Pali Main Tank. 6/8H+
407 Hunter LF guild
[H] Geared Holy Priest/Resto Druid looking for a raiding guild
Disc/Shadow LF Mythic Raid Team
3/8M Ret Paladin, Havoc DH, BM Hunter
433 dh lf guild
420 Havoc 57 neck LF Raiding Guild
432 Balance Druid LF Mythic Progression
427 mythic hunter LF Mythic guild
431 DH LF CE guild. Have CE experience with top 100 U.S
425 Rogue LF CE Guild
432 DH LF raiding guild (PST)
(H) Disc/HolyPriest, Boomy, Warlock and Ret 6/8H LF Guild
Lock & HPal LF Mythic Guild
431 R. Sham LF Mythic Guild - Area 52 (H)
[H][US] 428 Hunter LF Mythic Guild
[H] 426 Havoc DH LF Team
Trio LF Guild
Havoc DH 428 3/8M LF Guild
437 6/8 M Veteran Tank needs a team
435ilvl 62neck Havoc DH LF CE guild
422 disc/hpriest former CE LF social/active raiding guild
424 Prot/Ret Pally/ 428 R-Shaman LF new Raid Group
Former top 20 US boomkin LF C/E Weekend guild
Mythic XP Healer LF 2 Day Guild
(A) 432 Havoc DH lf mythic progression guild
434 Resto Druid LF Raid Team
436 BM Hunter LF Active raiding guild
Multiple CE Shadow Priest
435 MW and 430 Balance LF Mythic Raiding
[US][Zul'Jin][H] Balance Druid with Afflic Ult LFG Mythic prog guild
[A] AOTC 430 Resto shaman LFG
[H] 423 Boomy LF 2 day guild!
4/8M 430equipped Hpally LF Home
Havoc Dh 415 lf horde guild
[A] 7/8H 2/8M EP (437 Prot Paladin 61 Neck)
7/8H - 432 BM Hunter LF Raiding guild
[H] 431 RDruid LFG
431 Havoc DH looking for raid
434 Havoc DH LF Mythic guild
422 Windwalker/Brewmaster 3/8M Monk LF Mythic Raiding Guild
436 AOTC R Druid LF Mythic Guild

Hey guys this is Krakis one of the officers for It Cant Be. If you have any questions feel free to message me! my btag is Twysted#1975


Can’t wait for The Eternal Palace!


We are running H BoD Tonight and on Tuesday if anyone is interested and wants to kill some bosses! Looking to recruit through these runs and show people we mean business.

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We are looking to run a Fresh Heroic BoD tonight at 8pm EST! We are still currently in need of one tank, two healers and a couple of key dps (Rogue, DH, Boomkin, Hunter)!

Bumping our post! We look forward to meeting new people on Tuesday at 8pm EST to run The Eternal Palace. From there we can show people what we got and recruit some people that enjoy our raiding atmosphere! Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining us!

P.S: There are a lot of open spots left for when it is time for us to begin our CE push. We are looking to recruit the players that best fit what we are looking for from the original post above!

GM: Casti15#1473

Recruitment Officer: Casty26#1942

Raiding Officer: HTK#12624

Hey guys, Oprah responded to my individual post, but I figured id drop a comment here too. I am looking for a new raiding home to at minimum get AOTC but also shoot for CE. My btag is XIX#1101 and my discord is Jammorn#2881

We just cleared Normal Eternal Palace and got the first boss on Heroic! Still looking for key parts to complete our raiding group. Please feel free to contact any of us, we encourage all classes and specs to add us but there is an update on this post about what we are really looking for!

We are making serious progress with recruiting, hope to find some more players that want to get CE this patch! Bumping this post.

We are raiding tomorrow at normal raid time which is 8pm EST. If people are interested in trialing with us to feel the raid environment feel free to whisper me! We are still in need of a tank, 1-2 healers and some quality DPS players.

Btag: Casti15#1473

Raiding tonight if there are any tanks or hunters out there that wanna join us and see what our raid group is about!

We jumped into heroic last night and killed 5 bosses in our first night of trying Heroic EP. We are looking for players to fill out the roster spots that we need to push into mythic by next week. We are looking to get AoTC by next week and killing first 3 of mythic as our goal.

Bumping this post so people can see what we exactly need to push CE this raid.

Changed to my holy pally for this tier, looking to find the right players to help us achieve AoTC and CE. Please take a look at what fits our raid best and contact us if you are interested in a trial!

Still in need of experienced players to head into mythic! Willing to trial this coming Tuesday/Thursday.

Only need a couple more pieces to complete our raid roster. Come raid with us Tuesday and/or Thursday and see if you would like to join us once we are ready for mythic progression!