H Crimson Brotherhood Recruiting

Good morning,

Crimson Brotherhood is currently recruiting for our raid team for the rest of BFA and headed in to Shadowlands. We’re a newer guild and are looking to fill our ranks with quality players. As of 9/5 we’re 12/12 normal and 9/12 heroic with only 4 raid days under our belt. We are in need of:

1 Tank
2 Caster DPS

Raid times are Friday and Saturday at 9pm EST. We’re looking to push through Heroic as a guild and are AOTC focused. Check us out!


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Still need a Tank and 2 caster DPS

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boomy spriest locks come one come all! And you tanky types we need one of you too!

We’re 9/12 heroic and 12/12 normal after 2 weeks raiding as a guild group. Still need a brew monk tank and casters!

LF those last few slots. Come get AOTC with us