Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

UPDATED April 16 – 11:30 a.m. PDT

We have restricted new character creation on the following realms:

  • Arugal
  • Faerlina
  • Whitemane

Only players who already have a character on the realm may create a new character there. Paid Character Transfers to those realms are not available.

Additionally, we have re-opened Paid Character Transfers to:

  • Incendius

As before, Free Character Moves are available for Alliance characters from Incendius.


UPDATED APRIL 10 – 12:35 p.m. PDT

Earlier today, we disabled Free Character Moves for Horde characters from the Incendius realm. Free Character Moves from Incendius will remain available to Alliance characters.

We also temporarily disabled Paid Character Transfers to Incendius, Faerlina, and Whitemane.

We’ve enabled the Free Character Move service for three realms in this region that have recently been experiencing long queues: Incendius, Faerlina, and Whitemane.

Free Character Moves are now available:

Incendius Earthfury Alliance-only
Incendius Netherwind Alliance-only
Incendius Thalnos Alliance-only
Incendius Windseeker (Normal) Alliance-only
Faerlina Earthfury
Faerlina Netherwind
Faerlina Thalnos
Faerlina Windseeker (Normal)
Whitemane Arcanite Reaper
Whitemane Anathema
Whitemane Smolderweb

We strongly encourage players who wish to use a Free Character Move to do so as soon as possible. Free Character Moves will be closed without warning for any destination realm that becomes full.

Thank you!


Pin this plz


Was this the fix or was there more to it than just free transfers


Join Smolderweb. Solid community on both sides and pretty active world pvp going on lately.


Any chance I can leave a low pop? no chance of AQ gates opening on my realm. Horde are not looking at completing it as they want 5-6+ people to get Mounts from it and no other horde guilds to contest. It’s going to be a s**t show unless some whole guilds xfer over here… (Felstriker).


Stay TF off Old Blanchy y’all.


I eagerly await the 1 million negative posts from the forum posters about this, and any possible combination or side of the issue.

Queue up those posts, people!

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This cannot seriously be the FIX right blizzard? Noone is going to leave a populated realm.


this is 100% because they don’t want to actually fix the problem, but leech more money off people who want to go to larger, healthier servers…
they didnt even lock f**ing transfers.


Beware of the dozen low level bracket players about to turn this into their agenda cause they think its more important than people not being able to play the game.


IMO this is the proper fix. They messed up Incendius bad when so many people had transferred over from these past two months, we went from having no queue to 2+ hour queues PRIOR to the pandemic (now it’s 4 hours). They needed to stop server transfers but didn’t, and that’s why Skeram/Stalagg have very little alliance. Now with the other servers, I can’t tell you what’s going on.


And now the cycle repeats itself.

A month or so later one of those realms will experience a dip in alliance population, alliance players that got left behind will end up paying to move their characters to other balanced servers and the horde will soon follow. This new realm will eventually experience large queues, then free transfers, and so on…


And then when incend is stalagg/skaram 2.0 do we do the same thing?


Kaivax thanks for the update… I hope this isn’t the solution though, I can already see whitemane becoming 90% horde.


PLEASE police the the server balance this time (do not let 80% of the transfers be alliance and kill the server like Skeram, or vice versa!)


Horde, please come to Heartseeker, we need you!


So, you’re ok with guilds being split because not everyone could move to a new realm before transfers are locked?



Niceeeeeeeee. Glad you guys tested this out internally over the last few days… BECAUSE IT WORKED OUT SO WELL LAST TIME!!!

I wanted to add expletives. But, we know Blizz and players are afraid of that. Thank you for not adding a real solution again.

Btw, this will lead to more imbalanced servers, once again leading to a mass exodus of PAID transfers. WE SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING BLIZZARD… AND WE ARE NOT IMPRESSED.


Are you serious. I guess we did not learn from our previous attempts at free transfers off servers. As a Skeram native I know all too well how server transfers will not balance out populations. If players wanted to leave they would have transferred off already and not in. The only thing this is going to do is further break well populated servers. Blizzard needs to start implementing real fixes and not these half a** attempts.


Yes. There are other guilds available to play with, if 80% of one side leaves the server then nobody on that server gets to play the game if they are on the wrong faction.