All of my Horde RL friends/Guild transfer off Incendious, now it will cost me 25$ to leave


This was always going to happen.

Open xfers

“Blizz, everyone is leaving the server making the Ally/Horde pop imbalanced, close xfers for one realm!”

Closes xfers for one realm

“Blizz my friends left and now Im stuck and can’t go with them!”

There is no perfect solution to this hot mess, because the playerbase is the one creating the problem to begin with. You can already see the fresh 60’s that recently xferred to incendius BECAUSE it was a high pop server crying because now the horde side is empty and they specifically wanted a high pop server and now its gone.

All those people are going to jump on the next reroll or paid xfer to the next overpopulated server; or the next high pop server and turn that one into a mess too.


not gonna lie, blizzard has really botched their handling of transfers from day one. they are consistently a day late (… weeks late? months late?) and a dollar short when it comes to locking down out of control transfers, be it by faction or just onto full realms period.

If they had been proactive from square one and locked full servers weeks ago, a lot of this could have been avoided entirely. It remains to be seen if they’ve learned their lesson or not.

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Horde fleeing a server that’s only slightly imbalanced in their favour in order to stack other servers to 80-20 in Horde favour.

What a shock.

No surprise this ends up with people left behind- that was the entire point to begin with, now those split from their guilds/friends have to fork out extra cash.

Now cue the white knights that think this sort of blatant, intentional server imbalancing by Blizz to get PCT is perfectly fine.

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too slow Joe…

Almost as much tinfoil in this thread as my Facebook feed during COVID-19.

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Just can’t win with everyone. Someone is always going to complain. If players would go where they were needed in the first place rather than bandwagon full factions/realms; you wouldn’t be in this situation.

Sorry, could you remind me of where you posted that list day one about how each server would be balanced 9 months later? I must have missed the memo, and I’m sure others would have really liked that advice that long ago.

The only thing we knew for certain about bandwagons and people not going where they were needed is too many pvpers were going to stack Horde- so thank you for doing your part to ensure balance by rolling Alliance.

Welcome to incendius, a near perfect server that got #$#$ by unlimited paid xfers onto it to the point where it had a 5 hours queue, then #%%$ by blizzard not learning from the past and offering a brief window of unlimited transfers.

to add insult to injury they actually locked transfers to the servers after it blew up rather then do it when it made a difference. So guilds that WERE going to stay now have members who can’t join them on the server and are forces to free transfer if they want to play with their guildies.

They also gave you like a 20 min heads up that they were going to close horde transfers, 5head.


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So umm… why didn’t you transfer? You had plenty of time.

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He had less than a week…

Which was seemingly enough time for everyone in OPs circle of friends except for OP.

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Friends and families are now permanently separated? You make this sound worse than immigration.

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Sounds like an excellent server to get Warlord on. Perhaps you should level to 60, get warlord, and transfer off.

I know at least some of that gear is BiS for all of Classic. Maybe stop crying about the situation you’re in and just take advantage of it. Or just keep crying. Up to you I guess.

Most likely the complaint would just be “my friends transferred TO Incendius and now I can’t transfer with them because it’s locked.”

There are already complaints about that (saw one threatening to cancel), but if I’m being honest my sympathy is incredibly limited there. They had 4 months to move there with no restrictions.

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How in the world is this not enough time? He’s not building an arc and loading it with two of every creature, he is pressing a couple buttons. According to him, every one of his guildmates and friends had time.


This is why allowing server transfer in the first place was a terrible idea, it only gets worse because Blizzard will not manage these transfers in a good way.

how’s the queue?

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Blizzard posted it. They said NOT to roll on some of the realms and go somewhere else. They also offered numerous free transfers off the realms for months. You can act surprised all you want, but players knew in the first month that these realms weren’t good to play on.