Free transfers just screwed incendius

Or is it was the queues that broke the camels back… maybe? :roll_eyes:

No only the servers involved with free transfers will be impacted. My server has not gotten itself involved.

HEY Blizzard!!! you listening?!?!?!

How do you open the flood gates to a full server that’s perfectly fine, and make 3 hour ques so no one can play.
Then when stuff hit’s the fan cause of your lack of proper polices, you open the flood grates the other way and create more problems, a dead server!!!
Now no one can play again, all in the span of a couple of weeks.

See the theme here??? NO ONE can play because of your policies…

Fix them…

if you fix the vase after it cracks its not broken any more.

Dude, if you want someone to cry to, find any native on Earthfury. Everyone just ran off here and the process is repeating itself on another realm lol. I’m sure Blizzard’ll have something though.

People are linking that paid transfers have stopped to Incedius… :smiley:

EDIT: Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

the amount of ppl in each guild xfering off, approximate

right…cuz it already hemorrhages…the only thing left is for the existing allies to leave…horde xfers off is blocked now too…so it will be left to a nothing server…a dead server. the last of the alliance are scrambling to leave now. a slew of guilds left last night and more are leaving today. its really sad.

not our fault you did’nt use the horde xfer discord to COORDINATE like the rest did…or reddit…you had outlets to do that and not make the same mistake twice…use your brain next time and not criticize others for your mistakes. the community came together to say hey how can we not do this again, and facilitated ways to help hash this out. if you didn’t contribute and ignored those then you were part of the problem that screwed earthfury.

I’m excited that moving forward this is the policy that will work and stop this from happening again.

They never took this policy before, having a faction only free transfer to save balance, and to stop paid transfers to full servers.

Go read what I just posted all night and look what they did, exactly what i said needs to happen.

This is the right thing to do, and will fix future issues, but the damage is done, and the flood gates got opened and were maybe Fed?

I think we can recuperate over time, the problem is that most all major guilds left from horde, so it’s going to be hard to pug, and just find so guilds now.
We will see though.

But this is very good news to know they are now taking this action that will solved this problem from happening again, they learned.

I was just on the the server transfer blue post and read the complaints, trust me, I hear you.

This system/policy just trampled a lot of perfectly fine servers.

This new policy is going to fix these error’s over the long stretch.

Did incendius really lost that many horde guilds? Is Ironforge capturing this?

Lets not forget that the world is in chaos right now. A lot of people are stuck at home and wanted to play. The lack of a work schedule resulted in a larger than normal queue for the most populated servers. It sucks that this has happened, but all we can do is just see what happens.

Probably 40-50% of the horde population if not more.

Using Alliance population/IF as a barometer to measure the impact on horde is a mistake.

Yep, it’s horrible.

All my friends and guild transferred off free in the first two days.
Now they’ve stopped Horde faction from transferring off by stopping free xfers.
I’m stuck here now on a 70% ally/30% horde server, dead horde side. No groups. Where one week ago the server was full and always forming groups up to 60, and at 60. Incendious is dead on horde side, and ruined.

And Now i have to pay 25$ to leave.

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Also, blizzard only cares about money and this is why everyone should just leave and stop subscribing if they keep doing this.

Some people I know would kill for a 70/30 pop server just bite the bullet pay your blizzard bucks and enjoy playing a balanced server with your friends.

It’s an 70%ally/30% horde server. I think you’re missing the point.

I mean, its not like blizzard doesnt have population info available to them. If active server pop drops below a certain threshold, you can unlock the server again.

That said, the combination of locking the server + faction limiting horde xfers far too late has created a mess on incendius that im unsure is fixable.