Faerlina Queue Times Suck, Please Fix them

17 years to get into Faerlina today.

I waited an entire 17 years to load in my character.

free transfers today

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the multibox server

folks logging in 20-40 accounts each


Another reason the bnet client needs to limit game windows to 1? Everyone in my guild has a bank account. Note that I said account, not character.

They fixed 'em this afternoon.

Free transfers to servers no one has ever heard of.

I want to reply to this topic, but I’m imagining myself creating a warlock and naming it ‘Snutzz’ and it makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a spork. How on earth did you manage the equivalent of this?!

Oh found 4th place at Blizzcon AWC2019

At this point reckful’s “legacy” is kind of an old hat, so there’s an actual chance current day players could see the name as original, and not even know about the history of it.

Yes, we are old AF.

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Fair enough.

That isn’t to say it’s any less cringey of course.

Offering transfers isn’t a solution. It’s Blizzard being lazy and “putting a bandaid” on it

Queue times aren’t a problem.

They are a symptom, or side-effect of the popularity (or success) of a realm.