3225 in Queue Whitemane

Cmon Blizzard this is unacceptable please turn on layering until this covid 19 riff raff passes. I know its only $60 a month I pay you but I will quit.


Every raid day, less and less people show up in my guild due to the effects of this queue. If my guild decides to dissolve or take a break, so too will my subscription.

It’s happening I’m sure.

They offered free character transfers as recently as April. Why didn’t you move?

Irrelevant and an attempt to derail.

probably because people dont want to leave the servers theyve been on since release, their guild, the friends theyve made for an unknown?

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Well then what is Blizzard supposed to do? I’m seriously asking because the only other solution I’ve seen them talk about is layers which many people seem to be against. What magical solution are you expecting?

Hardware Upgrade

This is really unacceptable to take a 3 hour long queue. The server is full of multiboxing lv20 bot farmers. Shootingone can you please shut up if you know nothing about how it happens.


This is literally the first post I have, though i’ve played blizzard games for over 20 years. Such lack of action from blizzard is really disappointing. Everything works fine in past 2 weeks when the layer is on, and creating new character is forbidden.

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Most players would vote for layering over unplayable queue times.

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My guild voted on it and it didn’t pass. I’m in a great guild bunch of great players and guys. BTW we are looking for Locks and Warriors. All content is on farm.

Do you accept gnome mages?

The bots are absolutely everywhere. My buddy is doing his Duskwood quests and he said he reported 8 bots in one play session. I’m running around Tanaris and I run into a lv50 bot Night Elf Hunter, then after reporting that bot I run into another lv50 bot Troll Hunter. Everyday I spot more and more, and that’s not even including the amount of multiboxers on the server.

lol this is beautiful. im so glad my decision to transfer off that cesspool was the right one.

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