Info for those wanting to swap factions

I finally got a GM reply, so I thought I’d share the word on this for those of you who ended up in a spot like me and my fiance did.

When Classic launched, my fiance and I wanted to roll Horde on Grob. Our friends REALLY wanted to roll Ally, so we did.
Fast forward to now… none of us are playing any more. It’s been a while. RL and other stuff came up and kept us away.
Now my fiance wants to play again, but wants to finally go horde.

Grob is a LOCKED server right now.
I went ahead and opened a ticket to see if locked was only for new/transfers, or if it would still count for people who DID have toons, but deleted them all in order to do the swap.
Here is the GM reply:

"Your ticket has received the following response:

Hey there! Game Master Kieulas here!

I’ve read your ticket about Classic servers being locked. Here’s some extra information about those locks.

When a server is locked, you won’t be able to create characters unless you already have characters on that realm.

  • If you delete all your characters, you won’t be able to create any new ones.
    – That means, at the moment, it isn’t possible to switch factions on a PvP realm. If you delete all the characters of one faction, you won’t be able to create characters on the new faction.
    – This is rough, but it’s an intended part of the pressure our Dev crew is using to reduce populations on a given server.

This restriction is based on your individual WoW account, not your account.

  • If you have characters on a locked server on WoW1, and start a new WoW account, you won’t be able to create characters on that server on the new account.

Likewise, if a server is locked, you -cannot- transfer any characters to that server - not even if you already have characters on the server. All transfers to it are blocked.

  • You’ll receive a generic error if you try.
  • Customer Service cannot bypass this restriction - again, not even if you already have characters on the server.
    – If you’re trying to transfer to a locked server, you’ll need to wait until the lock is lifted, or choose a different server.

Customer Service doesn’t have any information on how long these locks will last, and we cannot change, activate, deactivate, or bypass these lock restrictions. For example, we cannot force a transfer to a locked realm, nor can we whitelist an account so that it can create characters on a locked realm.

If you have any feedback about these locks, or want more information, or if you want any changes made, you’ll need to reach out to our Dev crew through either the Suggestion button or the Forums. The forums specifically are your best option - with the recent quarantine and lockdown events, our Dev crew is putting in more effort monitoring and posting on the forums regarding populations and locks.

You can find the Classic forums here:

Here’s Dev’s most recent post detailing some of their plans:
Addressing Population Concerns in WoW Classic

The most up-to-date information regarding free migrations are listed here:
Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

The following Americas servers are currently locked. This can and will change moment-to-moment, but this is the latest info we have in Customer Service.

Hopefully this helps clear things up, as much as they can be! Be sure to use the Forums to ask any other questions you might have.

Blizzard Support"

Not complaining… Though I am a bit sad.
But I’m posting here just in case other people are wanting to return and had ended up on a side they didn’t want to be on during their first run on Classic.
I hope this information helps out, since I (and trade chat) weren’t 100% sure on if deleting all the toons would give a small grace period or not on the lockout.

Hope this helps someone :>