You disabled transfers as I was transfering to play with friends

I literally trasnfered most of my money and my farming alt to incendius to play with friends I’ve known for 10+ years while finishing my BWL on my main only to have the transfers locked the following day.

Now my main is stuck with no money on a dead server (heartseeker) and my alt/money maker with all my money is on the server with my friends (incendius).

This is nonsense

edit - its actually pretty insane people are attacking me for transfering to play with friends. I didn’t ruin the servers blizzard did, I only am here because my friends are here. “I’m part of the problem” is such an insane stance to take on this rofl. Done with you idiots

edit 2 - lets post the entire story since people here are clearly insane.

  • Friend tells me to play with him on heartseeker. Things are bad here.
  • Other friends tell me to come play with them. I stay on heartseeker for a month
  • Eventually I agree to xfer but my warlock has 2 bosses in BWL left so I xfer mage and keep lock
  • The next day when i get home servers are locked and now my lock (my main) is stuck on heartseeker

some facts

  • heartseeker has no horde. its like 95 percent alliance aka a “dead” pvp server
  • the day I xfered my mage something like 20+ guilds all xfered off incendius
  • dare someone to explain how this is a players fault ant not blizzards
  • how could I have known thousands of horde would xfer in one night the DAY OF my xfer
  • my friends were on incendius for months running a guild since launch while i started late

This looks like a you problem.


You deserve it


Whelp that’s your problem for trying to transfer to an overpopulated realm.


Do you see?


Make a ticket and they will reverse the transfer and refund you, they’ve done it before. They won’t however, allow you to move the remaining character over. Either the alts go back to the origin server, or nothing.

not really sure what you expected trying to xfer to a server with 6 hour queues.


In Classic?

I don’t think so.

Oh my heck!

I just realized that you PAID to transfer your bank alt to Incendious.

Oh. My.


I’d call this a completely self inflicted problem. They’re actively trying to get people to leave Incindius server, and you’re paying to try and transfer to it. If they shut the transfers down, and you only got half your toons over that’s completely your fault.

Also you said you transferred everything except your main, and then the next day it was closed to transfers. You should have been less lazy and transferred your main after your raid.


They have, there was a post around the time of the last phase of free transfers. A guild was xferring and transfers were closed in the middle of them doing so, stranding a sizable number of their members on the home realm. Customer service said they could reverse the transfers for those who had already moved, but could not transfer those who hadn’t made it.


It’s true. Any type of #change, will have negative impacts for some. Those who aren’t impacted negatively don’t care.

Locking transfers is silly, and will mean that anyone considering taking a free transfer off, will now reconsider, as they can no longer transfer back, if they regret their decision.

Wow. so that whole " we will close transfers with no notice" didn’t mean anything to you? or the fact that you picked a realm with ridiculous queues?
Gotta be a dedicated pve’er…


I mean, I could say the same thing to people who feel entitled to pay to move their characters to full realms experiencing 6 hour queues nightly, with no regard for the health of their destination realm.

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This was in reference to free character migrations. There was never a warning that server transfers would be restricted to any realms. That was a sudden move.

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too slow Joe…

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to anyone who is negatively impacted by anything really. Yes.

And considering the number of people who play WoW, virtually any #change will impact some.

You, personally, do not seem to like being on a full realm, yet for reasons, you stay. Myself, I personally prefer full realms. We have somewhat different preferences, and somewhat different situations, so while we will almost certainly agree on a great many things, we will also disagree on some.

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Ultimately, if people are continuing to flood a realm with paid transfers to the point that it cancels out any population shrink achieved by free xfers, something has to give or the free xfers served zero purpose.

this is exactly what was happening on whitemane before it was locked. I like whitemane. I do not like the realm being open to an endless parade of paid xfers even when it has extended queues.

my friends are on incendius why am I the $#$## for wanting to play with them lol.

Possibly, yes. I mean, it sort of stands to reason that the who idea of implementing such a lock on transfers was intended to promote migration, whereas we’ll see if it doesn’t have the opposite effect.

Paid transfers have been available for four months. What were you waiting for?