Whitemane queue stretching towards 3 hours. Unacceptable

How is this meeting the standards that Blizzard so often likes to talk about striving for? This is unacceptable for even a freemium game, let alone one that has a paid subscription service. The effects of this queue are actually threatening to break my main’s guild apart, as every raid day beyond the last fewer and fewer people are showing up. Nobody out there that is experiencing this is in favor of this state of the game for the sake of preserving their flawed #nochanges ideology. Fix this Blizzard, and fix it fast.


This is the sole issue that has brought me to posting on the forums. Blizzard acknowledge the problem!

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They offered free character transfers as recently as April. Why didn’t you move?


In response to the blue post, asking if we want layers… Yes. We want layers, we do not want to sit in a que when we could be raiding.

Bring Layers back! this is completely unplayable.

Fix spawns because of unvanillalike populations and bring back layers or fix queues some other way Please

Because the realms they offered were of such poor quality that it was a serious problem. Many people I knew that transferred off abandoned those servers. Bring back layers.

You’re right, even though I reserved a name on Whitemane and have been here from the start I should move to a dead server just because Blizzard repeatedly bungle the management of the servers. Makes perfect sense! Thanks for you’re galaxy brained input!


Please return layers to servers experiencing these increasing queues again.

Having a queue of 3+ hours (current whitemane estimate, but likely going to be longer as people are parking alts logged in) is anti-playing the game (any version of wow). A 3+ hour queue on classic will make me almost never log into my retail account. I’ve had to dip out of my raid group on retail in the past due to these queues and now that they are back, It’s going to be extremely hard to switch back and forth as I’ll be stuck in classic.

From the other thread: How do you think that would change your gameplay experience?

The main things that I actively see layering used for for is World Buffs, Black Lotus, and specific world spawns (Twilight Lords in Silithus). Whitemane’s population is already so bloated that trying to time/compete for these on a single layer is incredibly difficult already. A second (or more) layer allows for more relaxed playstyle - resulting is less stress focused on logistical tasks outside of gameplay and more enjoyable experience. I have to log in HOURS ahead of a 6pm PT raid in order to make sure I can make it with queues - and many others are doing the same thing - not playing, but afking to not be hit by the queue when they are schedule to actually be part of a raid group.

Really it’s a retention mechanic that if kept in the current form will result in continued churn of our raiders, guildies, and from a business perspective subs to the game. By allowing queues back, that friction of should I play or not goes way up - and every time queues happen we see people churn from the game via game quitting.

The Massive servers available in classic are already a huge change form the server cap size with vanilla - trying to keep them #nochanges is a change in and of itself due to the limited resources artificially placed (both in game and queues).

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Guess you shouldn’t have intentionally picked one of the more popular servers?

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I chose one of the initial 3 servers for my region, and ahead of the release I reserved a character slot on a server that I coordinated with my friends. How was I supposed to know that Whitemane was going to become the single largest server in WoW Classic?


It’s unfortunate that the blame goes towards a large portion of the community when they don’t account for Blizzard’s vast ineptitude.

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That’ll teach you to preselect!

KEK, get gud
pvp on a pvp server
you ask for this
blizzard warned u
etc etc

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Layering is welcome compared to anything 30 minute queue + considering how it ruins guilds and stops progression. Also to mention having to wait 30 minutes to play a game you pay 180 dollars a year for.

There were 8 servers to choose when classic launched to save names everyone in my guild chose whitemane then after launch a week later it was the 2nd most populated server in NA and that is my fault ?

To be fair we are the 2nd largest but yeah that aside it’s hell just trying to get on for raid

Please return layers to Whitemane, 177 min queue at 5pm server time. I play from the east coast, by the time this queue is done it will be 11pm at the earliest. I can’t raid with my friends if I can only get on the game for an hour. If I want to combat this I need to sign into the game and stay online for several hours before our raid even starts just to ensure I have a spot. Thats not playing thats just wasting my time IRL.

Please bring back layers to Whitemane. I hate having to babysit my computer for three hours just to make sure I can raid. We pay to play so we shouldn’t have to wait in queue for hours.