A respectful letter to Blizzard Entertainment

It wasn’t? I really toned it down from my first draft. Oh well back to the drawing board.


Well, that post didn’t even last 4 minutes…

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Takes a next level fan boy to defend blizzard on this stuff


Thanks for this post. Looks like they read it.

“Former EverQuest boss Holly Longdale scooped up by Blizzard to work on WoW Classic”


How hard is it to open up free transfers from high q servers. Its not rocket science. Also how hard is it to just lock high population servers? Its unreal they did this.

They did.

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Oh sorry I didnt see Benediction on there. Oh wait…


Well, now our server is FUBAR … not going to get it back which just makes me enraged beyond belief.

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Probably a lot harder than you are imagining, considering you’re asking this as a question.

Can you think through, and list out the steps to implement such a system in a way that reads like a recipe for a software developer or team of software developers, and infrastructure engineers to work on?

Ok so let me get this straight. They already offer server transfers. You think I should develop a software plan to create server transfers.



Step 1: flip that MF switch
Step 2: $15


I like your style Zug. Come wait in Q on benediction with us for 3 hours.


Well, youre not wrong…

Basically, the amount of sage coming from the blizzard fanboys is apalling.

The servers on classic are abysmal when it comes to population and the high AF queues. When I left Herod, I left because I was in an 11 hour queue.

I came to Benediction minute one to escape that and enjoy my classic experience.

Since the mass migration of many Brazilian guilds and free transfers from other servers and mass influx of even horde players coming to our server…its just not worth sitting in queue for hours only to get kicked off due to blizzards poor infrastructure, then back into queue again.

They took recreating that classic, 2004 experience to the next level.

World of Queuecraft 2004: ReForged.


I suppose I misunderstood your question?

Zero servers have queues 24 hours/day. What causes queues? Or more precisely, what sort of algorithm can we use or develop to predict which servers will have queues, when and for how long?

How is “high population servers” defined, precisely? Is there something that I could give to a computer that will result in accurate (to whatever extent of accuracy you wish to define) identification of “high population servers?”

Pretty easy. The moment a server experiences a Q of any kind it gets locked. It has achieved fullness. They can put something in where if the server doesn’t experience any Qs for a x period of time it can be opened up to y number of people and if you hit a Q again server relocks. Easy. If blizz wants to hire me for VP of common sense they got my email.


Fair. That does seem pretty easy :slight_smile:

Yep, that seems quite reasonable, and also like something that wouldn’t be too difficult to implement.

Feel free to use me as a reference. :slight_smile:

This. Considering the server being marked “Full” isn’t enough of an indicator for the population of WoW, the queue should be its next given warning…

…Instead, that seems to be a bigger invitation to create more characters.

Wow players are extremely dumb. Especially on alliance they need massive amounts of guidance and sometimes that isn’t enough…you just have to say “No drooler, you can’t roll here.”

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Sees 5 hour queue Well good gosh golly it’s just so dang POPULAR. Clicks transfer button and sips M’ountain Dew*

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Benediction (US)