Free Character Moves Available for Select Realms

Hi Kaivax, can you tell me what realms will be available to transfer to from Incendius?

Will this be faction based?

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Also, I want my $15… ($25? not sure which) dollars back. What did I pay a transfer for, if you are just gonna offer free transfers OFF that realm to destroy it?

HINT: CLOSE FACTION SPECIFIC TRANSFERS TO A REALM BASED ON FACTION SIZE??? <— the only real solution. Take a hint Blizzard, stop being greedy.


This is your solution? You have been doing this for 15 years, Get it together. Honestly terrible.


this is not the fix. the same stuff will just happen again, and what did you need to actually “test”…this needed no testing…


This is a pathetic attempt to make money off paid xfers 2-3 months from now when the servers are unplayable like skeram.


I hope this isn’t your “solution” for Incendius, because it’s terrible. Stop allowing transfers in.


While appreciated this isnt a fix this only causes more problems, transfers to the high pop servers should have been locked months ago, these FCMS need to be faction specific to balance out other servers, and the servers eith the queues at this point need layering amongst other thing to help alleviate the already existing problems.


You know, This is actually a good thing for people who wanted to actually be able to play the game and make raids instead of sitting in a 4 hour queue.


Sure I got you.

Why wasn’t the server locked when it became full in the first place? Why is this now suddenly the right idea after blizzard scammed thousands of players out of money?


Why the $#$#%# wasn’t this applied to paid transfers to full realms?

I think i’m just going to stop typing as what I want to express would probably get me banned from the forums as well as in game. The profanity filter wont let me express how disappointed I am in blizzard as a company.


No kidding, “we need to test enabling transfers” what is that lie?


Oh I’ll fully agree with you that the character transfer fee is a complete rip-off, and always has been!


Oh now they will turn off transfers to full realms…

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And what happens to the servers that the freebies go to? hmm? The same thing that happened to Incendius. They get flooded, they get out of balance, they end up with a queue. Something more than just a freebie transfer needs to happen. It’s not this easy Blizz. step it up. you’ve had multiple threads with different suggestions on how to fix the problem and keep it from happening.


On my way!

Netherwind seems balanced, EVERYONE GO THERE

ty incendius

Lame decisions from a lame company


I just server transferred into Whitemane, a month ago, in order to join my current guild. Normally there is a 90 day cooldown on all server transfers. With the free character move service, will that cooldown prevent people like me from transferring off of Icendius/Faerlina/Whitemane?