Blizzard fix your servers!

Why does it take Blizzard so long to fix this queue time issue? Its been over 2 weeks. Like, do something about it. So incompetent.

Can they make their servers hold more people? Split the servers? Have two of the same server each hold 50k? I don’t know, its not my job, its Blizzards job to figure this out, but they’re not… Wtf?


It’s Blizzard’s job to figure out why their customers are making poor choices?



What? What’re you talking about? There’s an issue with servers, its Blizzards job to fix the issue.

Why are you blaming the customer? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve read. Customer doesn’t have the power and tools to fix the servers, Blizzard does. Wtf are you talking about?


Take control.
Live with the queue or choose the lifeline offered you.

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So, you are saying it is Blizzards fault for players deciding what server to play on? If a server is constantly full, take advantage of the free transfer. If the server options are not to your liking, roll a new character on a server you would like to play on. Seems like an easy player made solution to a player made problem to me.

You are right, there is an issue with the servers. Too many people decided to have characters on some of them. That is not Blizzards fault. Blizzard does not tell customers where they can and can’t roll a character, they only advise to which servers are ‘full’ or not. Even when ‘full’, they still let players decide.

As for your ‘solutions’, none of them make any sense, and would cause far more problems than they solve.

Blizzard provided a solution. It may not be what you want but it is an option.

Players crowded on to your server. With that and the pandemic there are many more people attempting to play and there’s a line to get in. You could take the free transfer with friends/guild members to a lower pop server so you can get right in to play or you can choose to wait in line.

You have been given options. The servers are up so there’s nothing more to “fix”. There’s a line to enter on your chosen server. You have the power to choose what happens next. But if you’d rather throw a tantrum here guess that’s your prerogative.

Imbecile? Aren’t you a brave internet warrior. Go back to pre-school where you belong. Enjoy your temper tantrum wee child.

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Fixed that for you :slight_smile:


Get lost kiddo, didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Next time, don’t spew nonsense.

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It’s not a fix when the proposed destination is so unattractive nobody wants to go to it. It may be an option, yes, but it isn’t a fix and lets be very clear about that distinction.


That’s a reasonable description, in my opinion. There is a free transfer option, to a variety of realms that is currently available for Whitemane, Faerlina, and Incendius.

In addition, the other options such as paid transfer, or rolling on other realms are still there.

There are several other methods to fix the queue problem as well. Personally, I’ve found some that work well for me, though they might not work well for others.

Lol, you are the one throwing your toys around. You are the one insulting people. You are the one who has no self control. Poor little baby wants Mommy. Well, keep crying for help from Mommy. She’s doing a Lois Griffin and pretending to sleep.

I can log in to my characters anytime I want. You have solutions to do the same.

Body shamming the destination servers!
Rood. :wink:

It is a fix. You don’t like it.
That’s the facts. So I have been clear as has Blizz.

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You’re the one under my post. Don’t like it? Leave.

Transfer yourself to a different post.

Actually, it is insensitive and rude to the people who have chosen to be there. Unfortunately for them, there has been little consideration as to how server transfers will effect the communities they have grown and cultivated.

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I’ve read this over like 15 times now and I’m still unsure what it is supposed to mean.

They did.

Naaaw, I’m enjoying myself seeing you all upset.

Read what? Quote it.

I agree but was trying to lighten the mood.
Depends on the individuals - there’s a druid here that posts from Smolderweb that has been really encouraging and upbeat so I have a lot of hope that many of the destination servers see this as a positive and will welcome those moving in.