Elite NPC Damage is Way Off (Plausible Evidence)

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Innocent until proven guilty. That’s how everything in the recreating vanilla wow for classic should operate. But that doesn’t mean people should accept what exists as dogma.

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All kids with no MMO experience? Lol

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Yeah i changed that to a ‘’ cough well most of us including me…’’ in an edit. Because im pretty sure there was many adults too.

But it doesn’t change the fact that we got much better at these kinds of games since Vanilla era.

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Care to link them? I found some reddit threads showing Vanilla SFK, but nothing on BFD, or addressing subject of elite mobs doing same physical damage as non elites in dungeons.

The bosses so far seem fine, they do good damage. It could be a bug in calculating mitigation for mob damage (maybe a debuff is too strong?).

I also found this thread, where Blues just found a bug causing too much mitigation in the Classic Beta (because Stoneskin totem effect wasn’t expiring): https://www.reddit.com/r/classicwow/comments/bq5rxj/can_someone_explain_this_discrepancy_in_mob/

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Yeah, the Stoneskin totem bug is a thing. A lot of what I’m seeing is Alliance player comparisons so it can’t even apply.

Here’s one of the threads I’m looking at:

The OP actually edited it now and crossed out a bunch of stuff and admitted he was wrong about it. Already got 1900+ upvotes as people are just wanting the numbers to be wrong.

No changes? What about the nerfed elites that give a lot of XP?
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We tested this issue in our reference environment today.

First, we looked at a video from the WoW Classic Beta, where the player was tanking Rhahk’zor in Deadmines at level 20:

If you look at his portrait while he’s getting hit, you can see him receiving 65-83 damage from Rhahk’zor. The average hit is ~75.

We then recreated it in the WoW Classic Beta-- a level 20 human warrior with similar gear, with Defensive Stance, and with Mark of the Wild. Here’s what that looked like:

We then did the same thing in our 1.12 reference environment. There, the test looked like this:

Conclusion: the average damage taken is identical.

Dungeon and ELITE damages - do it right for god sake
Big problem with mob damage
No changers
Dungeon and ELITE damages - do it right for god sake
Big problem with mob damage
Please fix the combat log
Dungeon and ELITE damages - do it right for god sake
How would you feel if they changed the Manual Crowd Pummeler to not have charges but a CD instead?
No changes? What about the nerfed elites that give a lot of XP?
#Nochanges was a lie
Is classic actually classic?
Nathanos just went down to level 40s
Big problem with mob damage
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Thanks for clearing it up!


So glad the devs are active. Make me so happy!


People who were raging about this were people from private servers not people who recalled it from vanilla.


Sounds fair to me! Thanks for clearing that up!!

Is there work being done to investigate the claims about other non-boss elites doing superbly less damage?

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So it indeed show people are wrong about what they remember!!! What a surprise!! Maybe Vanilla was indeed easyier than they remember lol


These are great PR posts. I trust the accuracy of the work you’re showing us.

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I think it’s hilarious they linked Asmongold’s video. It shows that they actually watch the streamers, which makes sense. But it’s also nice to know they’re testing things to make sure!

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Either way, good to put the issue to rest

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already ringing the gong?

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That is all cool, save for plugging the streamer.


nice, thank you guys for responding to this and extremely thank you so much for shutting up these idiots who have “”“perfect memory”"" of what they did 15 years ago.


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I hope they keep busting all of those myths xD! (And obviously correct what would be truly proven to be wrong)

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The boss damage in the BFD run I watched seemed fine. It’s elite vs non elite mob damage that was weird, and that they could AOE pull higher level elite monsters.


you’re wrong