Dungeon and ELITE damages - do it right for god sake


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(Thundathys) #158

Reduce fight length by 30% and what happens? You reduce fight damage by that much.
Increase healer mana + throughput significantly and what happens? large hits appear insignificant.
Increase armor and stamina substantially? Way less damage taken.

I don’t think you understand how this game works.


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Dude, I don’t think he understands how math works. He’s just not getting how absurd it is to compare bad gear to BiS. That’s not including things like spec, consumables, etc.


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(Thundathys) #162

6 ilvl difference in favor of the WW axe, slightly better speed on Corpsemaker, 6 Less stam.

Except blizz hard already put a massive hole in your testimony with hard numbers and facts in an earlier post.

(Falnear) #163

This. Unlike many, apparently, I remember vanilla WoW and I also remember that I liked it because it was easier than EQ or even SWG. It was as tedious but I could do at least something without spending hours to research. WoW was always an extremely easy game to get into.


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(Thundathys) #165

Because they’re using 1.12 as the foundation of the entire game.

They said at blizzcon that they do, they just spent 2 years figuring out exactly which patch they were gonna use and guess what? it’s not 1.1 nor 1.11

Says you. Alot of people would disagree with you. I prefer classic to BFA but that’s like running a race against a cripple.


They’ve done multiple things outside of 1.12. Including a few changes and holding back some gear until later that was available before 1.12.1. It’s not out of the realm of possibility to make dungeons non faceroll

(Thundathys) #167

They’re tuned exactly as they were in 1.12. Are you asking for them to change more things? Where do we stop then?

(Gisen) #168

And those are some of the peoples that we’re screaming ‘’#NOCHANGE’’ not that long ago lol.

Now dungeon are too ‘‘Easy’’ gotta change them!!! :’)

Even if a blue did show proof they we’re rights.

(Swani) #169

Rogue from 2006. SM GY.

The normal Scarlet mobs hits him in 50-70 range melee. While the non-elites in the crypt hits him in the ~30 range (some well below as well) The haunting Phantasm in the 40-50 range. He resist all spells though, so hard to say regarding the bosses.

I didn’t play rogue back then, so have no idea what kind of mitigation they should have approx. at level 60.

The same mobs hits Toweliee in the same range as a level 30 two-handed tank.
Skip video to 3:54:35 approx.

Dunno what to make of it, since as said, I have no idea what kind of armour or mitigation a level 60 rogue would have.

(Nikaas) #170

Whats the problem with Blizz doing thorough comparison across multiple mobs in multiple dungeons even if there is no hard evidence? After all it’s few hours of work for a single novice tester to do super thorough test. Where is the harm?


Look folks the bottom line here is if you think there’s a bug, give actual evidence not “I remember it being harder” and expect to be taken seriously.

Blizzard has stated that they have an actual 1.12 client (so not the one we are getting) in house which they are using to verify things. If they say it’s accurate based on their testing with that client, who the hell are you to say otherwise? Especially when you provide no evidence other than memory or, god forbid, private server data which is known to be faulty.


I healed through rfc and wc, and thought it seemed fine. The tank took relatively little damage, but they were appropriately geared tanks. Other players who pulled aggro soaked up plenty of mana.

Anyway, in original vanilla, in an early patch, we had a shaman in our group tank everything up to mara. ZF was really the first one you need to start looking at actual tanks for.

(Sabetha) #173

While Classic isn’t strict 1.12, all of the content we’re getting IS in its 1.12 version when we get it though. That’s my point.

Items added in 1.10 might not arrive until later, but the itemization changes are not being held off. Anything that had its stats changed during Vanilla will start off with the stats it had in 1.12.

Blizzard has never shown any indication they’re willing to re-tune things with inauthentic numbers just for the sake of preserving the difficulty our 15 year old memories feel the game should have.

Plus they could have completely authentic 1.1 and their Deadmines test would have gone exactly the same. The mob didn’t have its damage altered, they didn’t change armour DR in Vanilla, and even the talent revamp didn’t change how much DR a level 20 Warrior can get from talents.


Low level dungeons were not that difficult, guys. It’s usually the higher level dungeons that caused problems. Even then, it wasn’t really the trash, it was the bosses.

Sunken Temple was cake until Eranikus. Mara was cake until Princess. Uldaman had that final boss. Etc…


ZF was a step up in difficulty. One of the only mildly difficult 5 man dungeons imo.


I also have noticed that just by watching people run dungeons. Something is way off with the damage mobs are doing.