Please fix the combat log

(May) #1

It looks awfull.
Everything is just red, its so unclear.

Please give us the old combat log back.

Combat log comparison:


https:/ /

Reference (vanilla) client:

https:/ /


The old combat log being the one from Vanilla where everything was red, or the one from TBC onwards where there were colours?

Request unclear, made an end table.

(Zenetta) #3

If you right click the combat log in beta and click settings you can find color settings for combat log messages.

(May) #4

In this thread they showed 2 screens.
One from their reference client and one from the beta.

You can see the difference there clearly.


https:/ /

Reference (vanilla) client:

https:/ /


Hmm, maybe they customised the colours in one of them. I remember the Vanilla log being pretty much all red for any time I got hit.

(May) #6

I mean they use their reference client for reference. Wouldn’t it be kinda strange if they changed something in it?

Considering its the reference Client, I’d suspect your memory is wrong?

For some reason the one they use in the reference client is the one I’m remembering.


Pretty impressive.

(May) #8

Clarification requested.

Edit: double checked with 1.12 client, looks the same as the reference client.