Big problem with mob damage


Dont worry, you really think that wet noodle whipping will make it in? We want the cat o nine tail lashings that vanilla provided.


Yeah, it seems fine to me as well. The video essentially compares:

  1. Melee mob using 2h swing speed/weapon
  2. Melee mobs using 1h swing speed/weapon
  3. Casters in melee

Obviously #1 will have the higher damage per swing, #2 will have comparable DPS for its level (relative to 2h mobs), and #3 is a spellcaster that’s meleeing and shouldn’t be comparable in melee to the other two…


Guys I’ve played the stress test, wolves were hitting for like 2 dmg in Northshire, I don’t believe it’s accurate, I could pull 2 wolves and still not get under 75% hp.


Thanks for all the reply’s. Just spent a 30 mins reading everything. I feel atleast from my memory I think that maybe playing servers for a 4-5 years maybe became tainted.

I just feel that the small damage values being on beta just seem much smaller than the expected. I did play vanilla since mid 2005 and raided aq40 and couple bosses in naxx. With these numbers it just seems to be maybe a easier journey.

Thanks for everyone’s response.

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Certainly in my case. Im not qualified to say what low level content and entry level raids at the time were like. But if pservers were overtuned, lol. Classic is kind of a joke thus far. My opinion.


This was already addressed by Blizzard here. Keep in mind they are using the 1.12 client which, if I remember correctly, by that time is when mobs overall were nerfed for damage and allowed for an easier time for soloing in the quest world. I don’t recall if dungeon mobs were included in that tuning pass.

Blizzard is using their own reference client from an official server at the time to internally test their stuff. I’m willing to place faith in that more than human memory which is faulty, or pserver ideas of what is supposed to be correct that is oftentimes not.


They definitely were in TBC… but I have yet to see evidence of this happening in vanilla.

Though I do seem to remember there were nerfs… I’ve scoured the internet many times and I can’t find any evidence for it.


no, simply not true.

many classes were solo’ing elite -at level-… and not just by kiting , shadowpriest, pallies, shaman , rogue… just about anyone minus warrior.

many elite simply had more HP than a regular mob.
caster elite could be trivial for a rogue

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This has been addressed, you are wrong.


blizz has posted proof their damage was correct.

if you dispute their claim, it’s up to you to prove them wrong.

and yes, even back in 2004 you could pull 2 groups of elite and survive… I’m sorry you were bad back then and wiped to easy stuff.

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I think that they already addressed this. They never tuned anything when 1.12 hit, they went straight to TBC. Leveling during that patch as well as dungeons and raids, were basically casual friendly at that time. Compared to the start, it was “hard”, but here’s the thing about classic wow, it was about preparation, you could be under leveled and clear stuff. That being sad, no, I do not see this being an issue because, now, you aren’t a complete idiot as compared to when the game first came out.

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That it may be, but if the numbers are correct it sounds more like its our faulty memory and suckatude back then that is a joke.

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I pulled 2 workers on my warrior and thought I was gonna die at one point. Basically if I had missed one more time I was a goner. Felt normal to me.

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I like Baron’s streams and I don’t think this is a good comparison video. Too much time is spent comparing mobs that are significantly different (boss vs trash, 2h vs 1h, etc).

What concerned me from watching his streams was the elite snapjaws at the end of BFD seemed too weak, and there didn’t appear to be much of a difference between generic elite and non-elite melee damage in BFD and RFK. Generic non-elites outside RFK seemed to hit for similar damage as the elites inside RFK. Obviously these are vague gut-judgments, and need systematic testing. Obviously damage is right in lots of other places.

I think everyone is too melodramatic in these threads. Suggesting that some mobs aren’t right isn’t some vicious critique of WoW Classic in its entirety. And for that matter, Blizzard showing the data on one boss in Deadmines doesn’t mean that damage is correct all across the game and there’s nothing left worth examining. A mitigation bug has already been found (Stoneskin totem buff not expiring), and it wouldn’t surprise me if there are other mitigation bugs.

Everyone needs to calm down O.o

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A lot of the mobs outside dungeons used to hit really hard, compared to inside the dungeon itself. This was a mechanic to let players know that this area was leading into something tough that would need help to take on.


Great video. It does look weird. I remember the bug with the Stoneskin Totem and can’t help but wonder if other buffs are staying on.

Since you are a Druid, one thing that springs to mind is the armor bonus from Bear form. I know it probably looks right in the armor screen, but let’s ignore that for a minute.

Can you try logging out and back in, and then without going into Bear form at any point during the session, go up to a mob and see what it hits you for?

And then afterwards switch back and forth between Bear and normal form a bunch of times and try again?

See if that makes a difference in the damage. Of course this test only works if the hypothetical armor bonus is removed when logging out.

Edit: Okay, OP didn’t make the video. Maybe someone who is in Beta can perform the test.


How come the warrior in Blizzard’s screen shot of proof has full health while he’s taking damage?

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Turtle mobs have thematic damage, they hit low and have high hitpoints.

Here’s a video of a 44 Warrior getting hit for about 13 damage a hit:


Probably because it’s their own custom testing suite where they can plop down mobs and toons and get accurate damage readings by providing the toon with infinite health.


According to blizzard, they didnt even have this data either and had to try and “remember” what the values were for the new classic servers. So at the end of the day, we are relying on blizzards “remembering ability” while basing private server data to current classic numbers.