Is classic actually classic?


Alright, now consider this:

1: Weapon and defense skill would only influence the amount of critical hits and crushing blows that the enemy is likely to perform. They have nothing to do with the actual power of the hit otherwise.

2: A twinked character, like the sort they brought to the dungeon, would have stats equal to someone 10-15 levels over them who is in leveling gear.

So if they’re using characters with stats equal to that of level 40-45 characters, why shouldn’t they take damage similar to that those characters are taking?


There’s no gear a level 30 can wear or acquire via quests at the time of lvl 30 capped beta that allows any characters enough defense or armor to take hits from elites 10 levels higher than them.

This is everyone’s excuse. I played vanilla. I played pservers. I twinked my characters both places. I can level through classic dungeon/quests blindfolded. Everything going on in these videos in bfd & sm in these threads resembles retail combat & dungeon group play. It does not look as unforgiving as classic, instead it is nerfed so much it would take a large mistake to actually wipe a group.


They wouldn’t need any defense for survivability purposes though (it would be pointless, if it was even available at that level). All they would need is pure stamina, block value and armor to survive the hits.

And as for that… I don’t know about private servers, but I Remember being level 40ish and still having gear from my mid 20s that I needed to replace, and dungeons are balanced around that sort of thing.

This isn’t retail. Blue level 30 gear can be as powerful or more than level 45 green gear with ease, and leveling still doesn’t provide that many stat boosts in and of itself. A level 30 with better stats than a normal level 40 is perfectly plausible.

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The old network conditions created damage spikes too. I’m not sure on rest of mechanics. But from just the stress tests I’ve played, and from watching vids and streams, the game plays more like retail in combat than it does Vanilla.

I don’t mind that we’re stuck with a not Classic Classic right now. But can Blizzard go back and actually review individual mechanics’s scripting and code from 1.12 and try to make the game play like it did?

And as for Challenge, the day Classic was announced, I asked for a more difficult version of Vanilla. The spirit of Vanilla WoW was that most of us got beat up all the time. Not making Classic more difficult for millions of players violates the spirit of WoW: it was supposed to be a challenge. Now the only challenge is pvp, and YAY! we get to compete with pirate server players who’ve been illegally studying the game’s meta for years.

Can we some day get WoW Classic New Game+ difficulty? Is that a product Blizzard would like to work on?


Got bored so I took a guess at what exactly the tank toon was wearing in the video based on the visuals.

I would guess this is about 95% accurate, but I never actually saw him open his character sheet so the rings, neck and bracers are guesses based on the level and how good the items are. The gloves are probably bear… but the planner thing didn’t let me pick it.

I know some of the stuff was enchanted, but without watching way more than I would desire, I cannot figure out what those are.

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They have. It does.


I’m calling it, at the end of the last phase classic will pull the mask from it’s head and yell, “Surprise noobs, I was retail all along!” Then flying mounts will descend from the heavens and GMs will beat us over the head with the LFR window.


I think the main thing for you to learn from this thread is that you don’t know as much about this game as you think you do.

If you took the time to learn you could improve, but instead you close your eyes and whine.


The only reason people thought classic was hard is because everyone was running dungeons with a tank with cloth leather and mail, who didn’t know how aggro, hitcap and crushing blow immunity worked, and there was no wowhead to tell you exactly what the mechanics of the boss you were about to face were.

The fact people forget the circumstances that made Vanilla so full of wonder and excitement and difficulty, because no one knew anything, and you were on dialup, it was probably your first MMO, has been eye opening to me.

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Thanks! I meant more than just damage though. Duels don’t look like duels, and my dps rotations are not what they were in Vanilla. I’m curious if Blizzard will review why, and try to tweak individual spells and scripts to fine tune it, you know?

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Shrug. I wasnt going to. Either way its not the overall experience. Thats just fact.


This conversation’s been

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Not everyone was a little kid 15 years ago. There was a whole playerbase with disposable income and already knew everything.

Seriously? Do some of you live in a bubble?

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Oh come on Xanthak…if they were 12 then everyone in wow was 12.
If that was their first MMO then it was the same for everyone else that created accounts.

lol…I chuckle when I read those types of threads.


You’re delusional


All those players are fully decked out in level 30 Bis and enchants

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Problem is that few people actually played 1.12. If you weren’t in naxx you were putzing around waiting for tbc. Thus we don’t know what 1.12 dungeons were like.

But either way 1.12 wasn’t the overall vanilla experience thats for sure.


Why do you have to be a kid to not know about MMO mechanics in the first MMO you’ve ever played with no online databases and youtubers to tell you what to do?


It’s impossible to have tested anything; you can’t use unauthorised servers to test Vanilla game-play, as they are not an accurate representation of Vanilla; some of the numbers are guesswork, which people involved in the development of them have admitted.


I’ve seen hardcore Vanilla/Classic fans admit this, and state that the part that was more difficult were the open-world mobs and levelling, and not the raid mechanics.