How would you feel if they changed the Manual Crowd Pummeler to not have charges but a CD instead?

SO because there are already changes they should just add more??? um no that is the slippery sloop we been warning about, how about they remove the changes not make more changes…remove layers give me back the yellow parchment menus remove auto loot and so on, those are the only changes I would accept, things that make it more like vanilla not less like it.

Do you need me to start listing mechanics bugs that were definitely not part of their “reference client”? Feign death. Counter spell silencing other schools randomly. Mobs windfurying. Hunter dead zone padding. Pets losing spells. Mind Control freezing the caster in place afterwards. PWS negating melee crits in some circumstances. That’s just off the top of my head. I know you want to live in some fantasy world where this is going to be an exact replica of vanilla, but reality begs to differ. They will never even come close to fixing even a fraction of the game breaking stuff. Not only that, but Blizzard has already made changes to the way the game was back then that are completely removed from the bugs. Layering? Raid/Dungeon changes (Princess farming?)? Banning people for using guard blind spots to kill players? C’mon. Don’t pretend this is supposed to be an exact copy. It never was. We may as well make people not want to off themselves from farming absolutely worthless content to be raid viable.

and the only change that impacts gameplay is layering, and is the perfect example of why classic should have no further changes.

vanilla had plenty of bugs in the game. but those bugs that are authentic to classic are being investigated and fixed.

I’d be fine with it. I understand some people like the perks of farming gnomer to be super good in a raid but I don’t think it’s a particularly healthy gameplay quirk.

Giving it a 30 minute cooldown seems fair.

I need you to actually read and comprehend my posts if you think I’m pretending that this is an exact copy. Trying to say that I’m doing that in every post isn’t going to change the fact that I already said it’s not an exact copy.

If people didn’t want to farm MCP for raid DPS then they shouldn’t be playing Feral Druid. It’s not like we didn’t know this was going to be the case over a year ago.

I don’t complain that Shadow Priest DPS requires I farm a whole bunch of consumables too in order to be raid viable.

and Gnomer is far from “absolutely worthless” given that’s where you get Fused Wiring for repair bots.

Read some recent Blue posts, friend. They all indicate a dedication to an authentic vanilla experience.

Notice one of the responses to the QA just straight up says “nochanges”.

And the list goes on and on and on. The only change they really made is layering which will be going away. Hopefully very soon.

Just make it a 30 minute cooldown with no charges.

If people didn’t want to farm MCP for raid DPS then they shouldn’t be playing Feral Druid.

If you think that in any way equates to Spriest farming gold/demonic runes, you’re not even worth my time in replying to. I play Spriest btw and have no problem farming for hours to make my sub-optimal spec work. This is an entirely different animal.

As a Feral Druid…

No changes.


You can say the same for every classes damage, farming furbolgs isn’t a challenge.

and it’s how it was in Vanilla. If people didn’t want to farm the consumable, they shouldn’t play the class that is reliant on it.

Again: It’s not like we haven’t known for years that this was going to be the case.

The game not being an exact copy isn’t an argument for making it less authentic.

That’s an argument that they need to be better about fixing the bugs.

There’s a video out of a Ret Pally who calls his build “spelladin”. He is middle of the pack on boss fights, lower on trash. That’s pretty good for Ret.

He has spellpower on all his gear, but admits that what makes this build work is a bagful of Manual Crowd Pummelers.

Honestly, I think they should break the item entirely and give ferals other items that are good for their DPS. It’s ridiculous that their best item is an easily-obtainable one that they have to farm tons of. Make it more in-line with the itemization of the other classes.

Oh, I forgot that Furbolgs are level ~30 content with awful gold/hour. My bad.

They are not as good as warriors. But they are viable. Even in Naxx.

It’s used as more of a consumable than a BiS weapon. It’s just an oddity in that it’s a weapon rather than a standard consumable like a potion or something.

Most of the healer DPS builds have to go through a fair bit to be able to make their DPS work. Granted builds that rely on MCP have to do more than most, but that’s also what it is. We’ve known several builds were going to need to do this for a long time now.

If people don’t want to farm a ton there are 5 classes for DPS that can do that.

Who cares? This thread seems to be a bunch of people bikeshedding a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

Who in this thread is playing a feral druid that this affects, and asking for a change?

What is the problem? Why is that a problem? How does any proposed solution, all of which seem to be nerfs to the current system, help anything whatsoever?

Also, who cares? Really, who cares?

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This made me laugh. It’s so true.

The issue here is that MOST people leveling a druid to play feral aren’t aware that they have to make that ridiculous commitment. Sure, people who played feral back in the day are aware of it, but is it reasonable to expect a player to spend 10-15+ days of their life leveling a character, only to find out that they are expected to do that sort of mind numbing grind of trivial and monetarily unrewarding content if they want a raid invite? In my book, no. It’s very much not reasonable. There are plenty of specs that have to go beyond pure DPS, in terms of extra work, to be viable. That’s fine and I think most people have some vague notion that that will be a fact of life at 60. Farming MCP’s is just on an entirely different level.

Honestly there has to be a limit to it, but it’d be nice if they could actually use them without farming constantly.