No changers


us no changers you speak of want vanilla or classic wow experience cause we like it more than the recent expansions… if you don’t want to play vanilla than you don’t have to but don’t come around asking for lfr and other bs like that in classic if you want that trash keep playing retail. do I think you will be successful not at all but if you was the classic servers will be dead as we go back to private servers. so if you don’t want to play classic for what it is do us all a favor and get back on the roller coaster.


I’d be ok with that if private server players claiming to be ‘no changers’ didn’t suddenly start demanding changes to match their private servers.


please show me some examples of private server players wanting changes. cause that’s what we have been afraid of since the moment they said they was going to make classic


Elite NPC Damage Values.

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It seems pretty obvious that elite npc damage values are off. When a 32 elite is hitting half as hard as a 19 elite, something is wrong

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Yes, because ALL pserver players are doing that… and not a small minority. /s

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You’re like 2 years too late with this post. I’d rather argue about Tmog than read another streamer thread, or whiney no beta posts.
The old days were simple.


I thought blizzard said that they were wrong. and the elites was hitting for the same amount of damage as regular mobs. I didn’t see this with my own eyes just what I read some where on forums and elites should do more damage than regular mobs.


I don’t recall hearing about this.


ill be honest im not sure myself maybe it was even a video but its all I can assume eloraell is talking about


Never said all. I said it’d be ok if people didn’t do that.


They did. People still don’t believe them.


Wait what?

Source please?


No, Blizzard said that the people saying the damage was wrong, were wrong.


Ah, okay. Thanks, I thought Need was right for a second.

I was like, “What? When did Blizz do THAT turn-around?”


okay well I didn’t see that post till now, all I know is I see people asking for lfr and its getting on my nerves. thanks for the link