Big problem with mob damage


the sad part is that nobody is going to care about this because they are all too busy freaking about streamers getting into the beta. i do think the damage is a little bit on limp side because back in vanilla if you had an elite on you and you could not run away fast enough it was going to kill you in a few hits.


I am amazed i have to say this to people who claim to know what vanilla wow was like but…
Mob damage is affected by weapon damage and attack power. Faster attacking mobs have lower weapon damage and gain less damage per hit than slower attacking mobs.
Look at the swing speeds of the mobs he is comparing. The ones with lower damage swing much faster.


Blizzard have literally already tested this nonsense and concluded that the numbers are accurate.


if it was chris saying the numbers are right id believe it otherwise its non sense.

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While I understand that slow hits hit harder and all that (that was my first thought as well watching the video) what finally sold me on this was that hyena at the end. It should not be that easy to fight a mob that many levels higher than him. A level 34 hitting for just 20 damage? There’s no way that’s correct…

The amount of damage that hyena dealt to him, he could take on 5 or 6 at once and still be fine. Does it sound even a little right that in Vanilla, you’d be able to fight 6 mobs at once, each of which was 4 levels higher than you?



he is also a boss. which is a boss elite which the numbers are correct for bosses in any dungeon.
Also Deadmines damage for all mobs are correct.

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i’m not sure tbh… i know on p servers the mobs hit really hard and there is no way you can fight 5 mobs, you’ll get destroyed. but maybe it was like that in vanilla, blizzard seems to think so.


My hunter in vanilla was a dragon scale leatherworker. Why is this relevent? Because I am very familliar with the hyenas in this video. After seeing that I realised he is a liar who is trying to get clicks.
I farmed these hyenas for leather for hours at a time for 3 reasons. They patrolled in packs of 4 or 5. They had very low armor and died quick. Most importantly they did almost no damage.
This wasnt a secret and the only reason to show them as an example is to try to trick people not familiar with them.

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Load up on health and we’ll be able to solo those dungeons if elite mobs are only hitting for 20 when player health is near 700.

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It has been brought up multiple times with people doing comparisons like this, including Blizzard posting their own results (which he uses in the vid, and there is a link in this thread).

Every comparison video I see is different, some mobs hit the same as in Vanilla and some are not, some people are using Joana’s original Vanilla speed leveling videos for comparison.

It is inconsistent, which leads me to believe that something is wrong. It doesn’t sound like it is just a flat value, maybe it has something to do with mob type, or damage type.


A lot of the private servers have actually tuned bosses to be harder exactly because of this. What you are seeing is the true vanilla experience without the true vanilla lack of knowledge. Also, the person in the video the devs used spent a lot of time farming for very good gear. I don’t think your average vanilla player farmed as hard as that.


so your saying someone with 5 sunder armors in caster form should be getting hit for the same when he is in bear?

Flawed Logic.

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Good to know. I honestly don’t remember that particular mob but that sounds like a perfectly plausible explanation. I guess in the end it could all be a result of Mandela effect and/or 15 years time having passed.

Damage does still seem a bit low on particular enemies though, such as the RFK elites but well…what do I know?


That’s because pservers had to input their own values. They did not have the actual data that Blizzard does.


Rewatch the video. I just did. With 5 sunders in bear form he was getting hit 40-50 he showed his character sheet and said he has 18% damage reduction. He then left bear form and said he had 0 armor. He then took said he was taking 60 damage. About 18% higher

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Nikawa…there are other videos out there.
Joana has vanilla videos.

Durator tigers hit for 5-7 in vanilla.
Same tigers hit for 1-3 in the beta.

The original wow guide has damage listed and shows the Durator tigers hitting for 5-7. (post on reddit has a screenshot from the vanilla guide).


Should be hitting him for 120 in caster and about 80 in bear with demo up.


Are those Vanilla videos, or pserver videos?

I’m willing to bet pserver.


Do you have the actual code from vanilla? Does the guy in the video? Blizzard does. They are also still looking at all of this and will tweak things if they are wrong. Be prepared to get what the original data shows though and you might not like it. Peoples “memory” is not a valid data source and doesn’t change the truth.