Dungeon and ELITE damages - do it right for god sake

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I think you are right - the good thing is that 1.12 pvp balancing is better overall. Guys wanting a pve challenge are going to have to wait a bit.

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At no point did I say that it was inaccurate.

I might have said it “felt” wrong, but I also acknowledged that people’s experiences were different. I stopped leveling at what - 1.6? I also have said plenty of times that the 1.12 experience is not the overall Vanilla experience.

But again, 1.12 inaccurate regarding numbers? Never said it. Blizzard has a reference client. It’d be foolish of me to tell THEM they are wrong - regarding 1.12. I just want validation. That is all.


Why is this topic still going? Is there something you need in a blue post? This topic has been responded to in the most clear way possible.

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Yeah. A blue posted in the other thread about this topic and said Classic was playing the same way their 1.12 client did numbers wise.

It is the way it was and these people should really move on.


Thank you, sir.


They already covered it. Memories are wrong (or distorted by Private Servers).

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Oh man, if it was always spelled “stain”, why did I ask my parents if it was pronounced “steen” or “stine”?

My dad has a tractor from the 1930’s, so I know for a fact that the Ford logo always had that curly q in the “F”, but it was definitely Beren-stein during the 80’s.



Check your neck for a puncture wound or a lump to see if you’ve been forcibly jumped across different timelines. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So false is hurts. Quit reading after. Pro Tip: Post truths first, to entice a reader to continue reading.

The math works out. You are selectively remembering for some selfish motive or another. Probably private server related.

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What you’re seeing is 15 years of experience playing wow kicking in. That’s the reason why everything is dropping so fast. Blizz have PROVEN that damage taken numbers are accurate.


This is my belief too.

People are jaded from 15 years of being unkillable, while having a ‘memory’ of cowering in fear from Elites, back in Vanilla.

When a Son of Arugal jumped two of us in Silverpine around mid 2006, we still killed it (Warrior and Rogue). I remember because we were so proud of it. Elites hurt, but not that much.

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Or, you know, it’s beta first pass and numbers may not be final…yet.

Just saying


I tanked (all instances/all raids) and healed (all instances/MC,ONY,ZG,AQ20) in vanilla and it was easy af :muscle:


Open a bug report for the bosses/mobs you found inaccurate. Blizzard is comparing the damage taken on beta to classic. They even ran a side by side test using dead mines to show the community how they are checking damage. They take the same gear as they have in their classic data for the mob and test it on the beta and compare average hit amounts, as well as hit ranges.


One thing you have to remember is beta is capped at 30. People are stuck at 30 getting bis for 30. In the real game you gear wouldn’t be as good because you would not be farming bis 30 gear so the game would then be “harder”.

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Again it’s all relative. It wasn’t this easy earlier in Vanilla’s life span. And I’m not saying what Blizzard has proven is still inaccurate. 1.12 is plain terrible.


Dungeons were not that hard, people. I played since launch, and around the middle of Vanilla, when a lot of my friends started joining and I was rolling alts to level with them, I rolled non-standard tanks like Enhance Shaman (made it to Maraudon, as I recall), 2h Warrior (and sometimes “meaty fist” Warrior), and even Rogue Evasion tanking.

My first ever character was a Ret Paladin that “tanked” in +Def greens (I was still painfully nubbed out and did not quite understand the game mechanics yet). I was tanking Uldaman with him, and would even OT in Strat like that.

I even raided progression/bleeding edge as an Arms Warrior with Wrath (and later Dreadnought) gear, to include MTing both AQ instances in that spec.


Also, any discussion on the Gnomer dwarf mines is immediately suspect. My recollection on those things is that they flat-out did not work for quite some time. The mob would drop his mine but it would not even be clickable or attackble, I think. As I recall, it took a while for them to patch those things to work.

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Of course not. But you have to understand that it all relative. Compared to what we’re seeing in 1.12, earlier versions of those dungeons were harder.

1.12 is almost retail like.


heh. they mustve nerfed things as vanilla went on cause i remember quite vividly getting chunked as a tank early in vanilla .

he might not be wrong. he might just be remembering earlier on in vanilla.