No changes? What about the nerfed elites that give a lot of XP?


I think that there’s no reason to entertain any changes without any sort of evidence that there is something wrong.

I’m not going to argue in favour of changing the game because some random person on the internet told me that they totally remember it being different 15 years ago.

and the private servers involve a lot of guesswork for things they didn’t have the actual data for.


This is also true for a lot of things. Many things that were possible in the later parts of vanilla WoW never saw much limelight; nobody really cared to try when BC was coming out soon anyways. Old content was doomed to irrelevancy so why bother?


Alot of the numbers on private servers where done by simple guessing, if you don’t believe blizzard even after they released the video of their testing environment with testing elite damage numbers then thats on you. If your not enjoying the game why are you even here?

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People 3 manned ony before BC.

Also, people AOE pulled dungeons when they had gear, and tried funny stuff like zero tank speed runs. People are just upset because they didn’t know about these things.


Yeah a lot of people seem to be forgetting classic was abandoned due to TBC.

Its like everyone has buyers remorse or something. Its like saying C’Thun was hard… no it was mathematically impossible, that doesnt make it hard, it makes the emcounter/game broken… total Noahs Arcade where people keeping pumpin quarters into the game that can never be beaten.


They used videos made from that time I believe.

If you had been paying attention on this forum they actually answered this issue a few months ago.


Yes, that is how hard they were in vanilla. So if you are killing one your own level without one they are easier than they were in vanilla. I never seen one person kill and elite their own level pre MC gear in 2.5 years so yes. I had full Rank 10 PvP gear and couldn’t kill one my own level on my warrior.


Some good anecdotal evidence. Thanks.


What would make the evidence fool proof is using a camera to take a shot of the “date last modified” server files they found.


Prove it was common then, because it was not. Saw a lvl 60 mage with full epic gear kill a lvl 60 elite once, and I know warlocks could do it because there have been multiple threads saying locks were the only class that could do it over the years. So prove people were killing Elites their own level with greens and blues on.

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On the contrary, I think retail was exactly Classics audience. And it’s sad.

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I killed lvl 60 elites as a shaman in dungeon gear


I’m expecting you won’t read this, but I believe private servers are inaccurate. I played a lot in vanilla and in bc - when I tried private servers everything felt not at all what I remembered. By 1.12, me and my two rl friends were three manning sm cath with the rogue tanking. This was a reality. Zf on classic actually seems HARDER than I remember because I remember by 1.12 I was killing packs of mobs as a rogue in a few seconds without any issues. Whether mobs got nerfed to the ground by 1.12 or we got better it’s hard to say, but in 1.12 vanilla mc and dungeons were as easily farmed as they are now. In 2004 this isn’t the case but in 2006 it definetly was.


We didn’t have shaman, was alliance. Though If you can kite them around with frost shock for ever and grounding totem I guess it would be possible, but also why shaman were considered the most OP class in the game after the rogue nerf.

I did kill and Elite my own level in TBC with my Alliance shaman though in the burning steps.


killing same level elites has never been difficult depending on the class and elite in question.


Elites aren’t nerfed for patch 1.12, there has been a lot of discussion and Blizzard showed screenshots of their testing.

The exp in raid was a bug and fixed. It is all how it should be, it really isn’t faster than questing, some people just prefer it.


I can remember on my Hunter while leveling(which was very early Vanilla, before talent revamps were a thing) soloing elites in Stockades and Gnomer in my 20s and early 30s for XP.

My Paladin after that had a rougher go of things, though.


After talking to a private server operator I found out that they did overtune their server and I hope someday we can see Blizzard do the same to a server or two.


Know what, at least you admitted it. I can respect that.


to make it harder just quit using addons and start using your brain and reflexes.