Dungeon and ELITE damages - do it right for god sake


Ah yes, the classic #nochangers who are really #changeswewantarefine


Well everything is going to be easier with the patch they are using. I have not seen it in action though for myself. I remember well enough. I remember a video of two frost mages doing scholomance at level 60 so with the right gear it could be done at that point in classic. Just saying if people think mobs should be more difficult then just Blizzard could do a flat buff across the board.

edit: I am honestly not sure what their builds were but two mages none the less.


I case people forgot. This is the video of the two mages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmIyGlaOqI4

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This is the dumbest topic of all time. It deserves to be stickied with “WARNING - AUTISM AHEAD!”


They’ve already done this and released an official post on the matter.

Edit: Elite NPC Damage is Way Off (Plausible Evidence)

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That’s why I said across multiple mobs/dungeons.
And because I know your likely response I will say that again - After all it’s few hours of work for a single novice tester to do super thorough test. Where is the harm? It will even make people happy.

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Us autistic people are not like the OP.


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The dungeons were nerfed some time in Vanilla.

I specifically recalled when I started in BC and leveling in dungeons people mentioning how much easier those dungeons were now (now as in BC).

Gnomer, RFC, Stockades. etc. I remember several times people saying “man if this was vanilla that would of been a wipe” or something similar.

So everyone may be right here in that they remember the dungeons being harder, but that was probably before the 1.12 they are using.

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I played on a fresh server in vanilla pre 1.12, maybe 1.8-1.9 time? And the dungeons were easy then too when you have a group of people who know they’re doing.

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I dunno but I do remember people saying that because I found a guild with old vanilla people.

Anything is better than what is in the game now in retail in lowbie dungeons. They are terrible.

But yes, some people do not realize they have improved and the game will not be as difficult now in Classic since some have years and years of experience.


no way in hell the butthurt classic purist will ever accept that’s it’s indeed way easier than they want us to believe.


Have you tried turning on logging and looking for some old vanilla logs for comparison?

Impressions are just that. Logs provide hard numbers.


That could possibly be true.


All these children do is play on priv servers then claim to have played Classic while spouting nonsense. It is 100% known that priv servers intentionally jacked up the values to encourage people to donate for gear. These people need to go away, period.


I can believe that it wasn’t that difficult. I used to attempt to solo dungeons in classic and near the beginning of when TBC came out (I was around lvl 52 when TBC launched, so 1.12 and prepatch are probably all I knew. I rolled a lot of alts)

I had to be very careful with pulls, and died a lot, but it was doable, even as a warrior with no self healing. I certainly wasn’t very good either, it was my first MMO and I was young. Regular dungeon mobs just don’t do that much damage. Only got wrecked by certain bosses.

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Glad you bring this up. The elite damage/health in dungeons seems a bit off and I think it is relatively easier than it should be.


I hate to be THAT guy but OP is a fraud. Though they will probably say they have a new account or some excuse.

OP didn’t know what defense value did in vanilla, thought it was straight mitigation.

And most importantly given the context of this post. If anyone had checked his achievements they didn’t even clear Gnomer until 2014.

It’s a troll people. The damage values are the same they have always been. That’s not to say the Beta isn’t without bugs but so far damage isn’t one of them.

Though I did through this discover I’ve never technically completed BRD… interesting.

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Whiners and looking for evidences don’t work with each other.

People still can’t make valid arguments against some stuff that doesn’t bring any loss of vanilla to them when other people might find it more appealing to play with.
It’s just very convenient for them to be part of hate group which hating just cause it gives them illusion of being a knowing folks.
I also remember wow being hard, and I also had a lot of experience in Lineage2 before it, but I truly sucked every floppy long shape of every mob that I met in Azeroth when I got into it. Only when Lich King came out I understood the raid mechanics and skill differences.