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i’m a 469 Ret Paladin. my RaiderIO is 1239. I’m looking for a guild that’s not huge yet, and does a lot of mythic plus. I’m also down for raiding but mythic plus is what i’m really hoping to find. I can comfortably do +12’s with a PUG but i don’t think i can go any higher without a solid guild. So if you guys are able to do 10’s or higher, i’m definitely interested. I’m currently in a guild but ill leave it for a better fit. Thanks!

I would love to chat with you, feel free to add my btag and we can do so!

Hey I added you on bnet and discord but figured id message you here as well. Im a 470 Enhance/Resto Shaman that also has a 465 Holy Priest that is interested in starting out somewhere new that is also kinda just starting out. Im also very interested in pushing keys. Very Knowledgeable being a former healing officer/raid lead at the end of legon and the start of this expac. Just message me when you get a chance id love to talk more

hey kiyo, please add my btag and we can chat if you want, Zeerek#1116

Come and build a new home with us!

growing strong! tanks filled, healer: one slot. lots of dps spots for raid!

Tanks and most heals are now locked in, still looking for some solid Ranged DPS!

Elemental Shaman
Shadow Priest
Balance Druid

All above specs are currently in need! Feel free to add us and chat!

come and join the party!

Where is all the ranged at?

Update: still need ranged dps.

Still Looking to add a few more ranged DPS, feel free to reach out to us!

Would love a few ranged and an offspec healer!

Hello I’m a MW main on alliance ilvl 467 12/12h and 3/12m nya looking to switch over to horde side before shadowlands. I see that your healer raid position is filled up but if the spots ever open up let me know. In the meantime I wish you guys luck on filling your core.

Need good DPS!

Still looking to add some awesome DPS!

Looking to add some great DPS, in particular: Mage, ret paladin, warrior (arms/fury), hunter, and shadow priest

I’m a returning player and decided on Thrall. I can’t make the raid times (i’m on the west coast and working those times) but would like a guild to run mythic+ and pvp when Shadowlands drops. Maybe raid if the time changes or you guys add a second group!

Hi Teflon,

Feel free to add me on btag, Deliahshadow#1586, and we can chat!

Hey I’m lvl 30 orc fury warrior Crung . I can make other characters for other servers but this is the one I started first. I’m a returning vet from vanilla and bc , returning for new start on everything. But I badly need good people to play with cause dungeon finder gives me randoms that don’t rezz or heal properly and ninja loot ontop of it all, I got so of the randoms from DF real quick dude . That’s why I’m looking for a guild that’s more then just the guild stat boosts I get. The one I’m in current ly doesn’t have anyone that’ll help me at a low lvl,get to end game so I can join everyone else asap. So that’s what I’m looking for but I need a little more info on your guild like how many people and if it’s good for newer characters.