Characters deleveled - Khadgar

Update 9/27 10:45 AM PDT

Good morning all,

We’ve seen a lot of positive results reported back in this thread, and we’re glad to see everyone getting back to a normal state. Several types of Khadgar character issues were identified during this, and most have been fixed at this time.

We still consider this an open issue and are continuing to investigate edge cases with characters on Khadgar that may not have been caught in the initial passes.

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone for their patience during all of this.

UPDATE 9/24 4:35 PM PDT

Good afternoon!

The work on this issue is ongoing, so we don’t have much new information to share other than we continue to fix up characters. Thanks to everyone who has confirmed the return of their character so far. For those who still have characters affected, keep an eye on your character list for changes.

We’ll continue to share updates here as they become available. Thanks!

UPDATE 9/24 9:15 AM PDT

Hey all,

Just wanted to provide an update this morning. The team was able to resolve issues with a number of Khadgar characters last night and work will continue today.

We’re not able to offer an estimate when specific Khadgar characters might be fixed, but this is a top priority for the team right now.

Thanks for your continued patience!

UPDATE 9/23 4:45 PM PDT

Hello all!

Posting with an update, as promised.

As many are aware, this has been a very high priority for us since it started.

We’ve reached a point where we fully understand the issue and we will continue working to resolve it. Players who have missing characters or de-leveled characters should start to see what they expect returning this evening.

Since this process will take an as-yet unknown time to complete, it may take longer than this evening to resolve.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We’ll update you here if the situation changes.

Hey all,

I thought it be best to consolidate the active threads on this matter into one. This allows you to only have to keep an eye on a single thread instead of multiples. I’m going to lock the other threads here and refer back to this one.

As many of you are aware there appears to be an issue, specific to the realm of Khadgar it seems, where several characters have “deleveled”. It is something that our teams are aware of and it is under investigation. The original higher level characters do not appear to be gone, so our teams are looking into what caused the issue, how to prevent it going forward, and how to return access to the higher level characters.

Right now we encourage anyone experiencing this issue to submit a ticket for tracking purposes.

When we receive an update we’ll pass it along here.


@Vrakthris, thanks for the update. I am also on Khadgar and have a missing character. A ticket is submitted but under when submitting it there was no choice for “missing character” under “character issue” so it was submitted under a general issue issue (if that makes sense). Missing character just redirects to the a FAQ on deleting the cache which didn’t help me.


We finally overcame the attendance boss to get Cutting Edge tonight. It literally hasn’t been done on Khadgar. Only to log in and find out one of our Warlocks is now level 90.

All because we’re getting merged yet again with 2 heavy Alliance realms with zero Horde raiding presence. We didn’t ask for this.

Really great guys.


Unbelievable, Hopefully this gets rectified quickly… this is beyond irritating


So my 120 dk being 80 was not a design intent



Just to follow up, it’s not just characters being deleveled, but also race changes being reverted (my druid is a NE again instead of Kul Tiran) as well as other toons being brought back that have been deleted. Hope to hear updates soon!


Yup, both my Void Elves don’t exist on my character list anymore, including the one that race changed years ago and the one I leveled all the way to 120 from scratch.

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I submitted a ticket also as I have just “found” my character on Khagdar (US) had been severely de-leveled and placed in an inappropriate place. I also found a character I deleted about a month ago back in my inventory. I am sure you guys will figure it out, in the meantime, maybe I should stay off that realm? TICKET SYSTEM NOT WORKING. Update add: Dorrah to this list.

Similar issue here, but different. I’m getting copies of my characters added to my account. The original character remains, but I also have a copy of the character from around Cataclysm era (level 80-85, often logged out in a Cata zone).

First it was just one character, which was solved by a ticket. Then it was five more, which was also solved by another ticket. This morning I had two more, but I just checked now and there’s a third.

As I said, I’ve lost no progress to this issue (yet), but seeing other people’s issues, I’m watching my account like a hawk.


ok so I haven’t played on Khadgar server since shortly after launch and those toons have all been deleted for years and years. But they are all back along with copies of them with their names and numbers. And that happened to me on Undermine server as well. It also happened on Hydraxis, where the realm list said I had 6 toons and I only had 3.

Overnight my main (this character) has disappeared. Now I just have the 90 on my account.

Having same issues on khadgar. Please update us on status of fix.

Two chars “deleveled”. My main, a rogue is down to 86, and hunter alt is back to 44! Also several low level chars that were deleted months if not years ago have re-appeared.
Tried running through the ticket system but it just runs you in circles to FAQs that are not relevant. Can’t find an option to actually submit a ticket.

The blue post has a direct link to post a ticket.


That’s great, though there is no confirmation of a ticket received, nor do they show up under MY TICKETS. I suspect something is amiss there also. Though I am confident all will be solved soon, I mean once they get to work on the West Coast.

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I logged into my account yesterday, and one of my characters was missing. I tried to make a new character to refresh the list, but it didn’t work. I submitted a ticket on the issue, and was told to make another new character to refresh the list. It still isn’t working.

Character : Zophiel
120 Blood Elf Paladin

Same here. My priest who was a reasonably geared 120, is now in Elwynn forest, not in a guild and rolled back to level 84. Every bit of gear, loot and money she earned since then is gone.

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Is this going to be fixed after maintenance? I don’t appreciate my toons being rolled back so I can’t even really play them the way I want.

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I would appreciate an ETA on our characters being restored. A few hours? A few days? A few weeks?

I allotted a lot time to play the game this week and so far I haven’t been able to for 24 hours now.

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Blizzard rarely gives an ETA. Players tend to forget what the “E” stands for.