A whole slew of extreme character glitches

Logged onto my account today and most of my characters are messed up. Characters that I deleted are un-deleted, characters that were higher level were de-leveled. A character that I transferred off server is now back on Khadgar AND on the server I transferred him too at the same time and different levels. A total of 10 characters on Khadgar are affected. My more recently created characters are unaffected. I am not alone at least 3 of my friends have the same type of things going on, but just on Khadgar.

All of the characters that were reduced in level were rewound back to a state from a previous expansion. Gold/Gear/Bags Everything. My Paladin is in a state he was in at the beginning of WoD, my Warrior and Shaman the end of MoP. Others back in Cata or Wrath. This is a huge glitch and honestly I’m surprised more people aren’t posting about it.


My characters are affected as well. I have a level 120 hunter that got reset to level 1. Multiple other characters got reset to various states, including their gear and items. Other characters have reappeared, and some are missing. It is a giant ball of chaos.


This has happened to me as well and is still broken. My main characters were both 120, heavily geared and active and are now Level 90 and my other is 72, gold, bags, inventory, even armor, it’s as if my account was restored to a version of how it would have been maybe around the MoP era before Warlords.

My main is even in a guild I haven’t been in for years. This is the most bizarre issue I’ve ever seen in the game so far.


Same problem here. Several of my 120’s have been dropped to 90 and below. I also had a few extra toons that I didn’t make, they were copies of originals, but with numbers behind the names ( I assume because I was already using the name on the character that was copied ).

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So is this just Khadgar related ? Really fearing logging in myself with our 7 realm connected server and many 120’s. Still haven’t logged in since reading this :frowning:.

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I just looked into this on my characters after hearing about this issue from a guildie and yeah I have some major issues. I have a 36 druid now that used to be maxed and was reverted back to being a Night Elf after I paid to race change to a Kul Tiran. I also have my DK at level 88 instead of 120 and in MoP gear and then my monk is back in WotLK content when she was maxed out as well.

I also have 1 character back that I deleted a couple months ago (not sure how long exactly). Hopefully this gets fixed!

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I have two characters as well, a level 120 hunter that was set back to 90 and a 110 priest that is now 90. Both look like they were taken back to just before or right at the beginning of WoD. Gold and items are from years ago. Put in a ticket and we’ll see how long it takes for a fix.

Just found this snooping through Khadgar realm stuff. An actual blue post.

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chromie has warned now you all will taste her wrath!

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