Characters missing

Several of my characters randomly went missing several weeks ago from the Undermine server. I still have (2) characters on that server but other just vanished without a trace, not able to restore if they were accidentally deleted somehow (they werent) . My account has not been hacked. Ive tried all the missing character steps.

Ive had a ticket open with Blizzard for 3 weeks with no help and no details of whats going.

Some of these are very old toons from WoltK maybe older so theres tons of hours invested here.

Anyone else have a similar problem?

First thing to try is to make a new character on that server. That should force a refresh of your character list.

Edit: Ah, Kal shed some light below.

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The Game Master team forwarded your account and character information to the game team. This work is not insignificant and will take a bit of time. The Game Master team is not doing the work themselves, so they are not able to offer specific details or an ETA. They can only tell you that the information has been escalated and continues to be worked on.


I have a ticket in last update was 6 days ago.

Im sure I did not transfer them

Ive tried all the missing character steps from the missing character FAQ including the one you listed. Im posting here because Im out of options and getting no help on my ticket.

Your ticket is with a special team. You won’t see progress on it until they’re complete. It can take time, but they are indeed working on it.


I just noticed the same thing has happened to my account… I have put in a ticket too but you are not alone. I hope it gets resolved soon.

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Same - missing my main character. Submitted a ticket but “missing character” is not a choice under “character issue”. /crossfingers for a quick fix

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It’s on Khadgar, which Blizzard has admitted has issues following the merge, and has been kicked up to another team to be addressed.

Let it go.


Your issue is being addressed in another thread.
It has to do with being on the Khadgar realm.

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Wow. That’s exactly how my character select screen looks.

While I understand your frustration, Fryst, posting in this manner is entirely inappropriate.

For issues associated with the current Khadgar matter, we will update the thread linked previously as soon as we have more information. Otherwise, please be sure to report details via a ticket.