Server merging strikes again

Did they hire fallout76 devs or what


What’s the context of the Fallout 76 shade?

just how broken 76 in general

Oh ok.

I’m fully relying on you, Edgy, to report back to us in this thread on this dude’s update.

Wow this is crazy.


just watched this video too. I don’t have a really progressed wow account but i couldn’t imagine my account ending up like that after all the work put into it. I’m pretty sure he had a silent anger that could rival the Doom slayer.


Did they merge a really old backup? :thinking:

Yikes, what a mess. That guy’s voice is what I sound like when I’m furious but don’t want people to hear it. Did this happen because of the realm connections today? Blizz is really finishing up this round of connections as one big charlie foxtrot.

This is apparently a thing… but only for Khadgar:

FYI Fallout 76’s problems have nothing to do with their devs. It was a corporate level decision to release it in an Alpha form and pretend it was a finished game. It is actually a game now and it is currently my game of choice to play on my console while fishing or waiting on rares.

P.S. How sad is it that WoW’s game play for collectors consists of sitting there and doing nothing for so long that I actually play another game while “playing” WoW?

Don’t tell anyone because its kind of embarrassing but I love to stream old star trek reruns while “playing” sometimes.

So, there was a problem with the server merge and Blizz is currently working on fixing it.

What’s the big deal? It happens all the time.

Unless this is a secret plot to get someone’s youtube page a bunch of views.

are you and noob competing for the most negative & troll threads?

Pretty much

I couldn’t careless.

i like that guys’ videos, but his voice tone makes me so sleeeeepyyyyyyyyyyyy