Characters have gone back in time

I logged in today and all my characters have reverted to a long time ago. The levels are lower, the gold is all wrong, characters I deleted a long time ago are back. It was fine yesterday. Anyone else experience this? At first, I thought I’d been hacked and I changed my password, but then I thought, they couldn’t make the characters DROP in level.

EDIT: On closer examination, this has only happened to 3 characters on Khadgar. Old gear, massive gold loss, lower levels, and there is that one character there that was deleted long ago.

Same exact issue here. It’s like I’m connected to a copy of the character database back from Lich King or something. Old quests, old items, old level, even old deleted characters. I put in a ticket but haven’t heard back.

Ok. Good to hear. I’m sorry you’re having trouble, but I’m glad I’m not the only one. I will put in a ticket as well. Thanks.


Same issue here on Khadgar. My Void Elves are missing, even the one I leveled all the way to 120. Everything has been reverted to pre-Warlords days. Some newer characters still at 120, but it’s all chaos and a total mess.

Same boat here. My main has rolled back to her Cataclysm version. Hoping for a quick fix or at least some word on what to expect. I’ve put in a ticket too.