Well, this is interesting


That is an interesting picture, Hamshamwich.

Lol makes me want to check my retail acc

Waiting for the Blizzard Valkyries to come in and defend that stuff.

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Who would defend an accidental bug that is the result of realm connections with Khadgar?

Like… Of all the things to think Blizzard “Valkyries” defend, why is this one?

Have you seen what they defend in here? Id not put it past them. That paladin is sure lurking around already.

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It is a hilarious bug, on the outside. I’d be pissed as hell if it happened to me, though. I expect it will get fixed before too long.

One thing to mention, though, is that if this is the result of server merges, that means it could happen in Classic, too, if they decided to merge servers at some point.

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It’s just a funny cute bug. No big deal, he’ll get his stuff back.

Yeah I would be flat mad as hell.

that paladin is a forum mod on a different account btw.


It’s a bug specifically on the (Retail) Khadgar realm, honestly one of the more interesting/odd ones, yes. You can see the CS sequence of information - they know, they found the issue, they’re working on resolving and work is continuing:

Retail’s got another fun bug of ghost members in guilds.

Bugs happen. Not sure why this is on WOW Classic forums.

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Does not appear that way.

This morning I had all of my gear, bags, and contents of my bags just disappear on this priest. I put in a ticket. It magically went back to normal. Ticket was responded to. Told me to check my ui. I use the default ui. Thanks a lot blizz. Lol