Anyone experience this bug?

Customer Service actually has a thread open informing players of the situation.


I dont have this bug. I was just curious when I saw it posted on twitter.

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I literally just watched madseasons vid on this showing his account.
Its both awful and hilarious


It would be weird to see my characters revert to that point.

Kind of neat to get screenshots maybe, before the panic set in.

this actually is a real thing? i thought that streamer with the ultra boring voice was just raging at nothing. weird

Reports from Khadgar server are all wonky. Seems like they merged a very old backup instead of current data.

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I know we all want to go back to a time before 2020, but that’s not a healthy way to go about it.

It was a dev trying to undo wod+.

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maybe the they mixed up the 2020 with 2010 ?

Possibly. Heck of a time for a typo though.

I blame Chromie. Or DINKLEBERG!