Characters deleveled - Khadgar

A lot of us have alts, including on different servers. While not ideal, as we enjoy playing our mains, this at least allows us to keep playing.


I put a ticket in and a GM told me that the characters didn’t delevel, but that I haven’t accessed those characters since 2014 and I need to pay more attention to what characters I am looking at.

Uh buddy, those characters were working on Legion factors and were sitting in the Vindicaar. Are you kidding me?


It’s a really new issue and all GMs may not be familiar with it.

If we had an ETA, Volley, we would provide one. At this point we don’t have an estimate on how long it may take to find the issue and develop a resolution. It could be hours, days or weeks. Of course our teams are endeavoring for it to be closer to hours.

As soon as we have any information we’ll be sure to update everyone.


I appreciate and am sure you guys are working hard, but its just a really awful time for something like this to be happening.
We are 300 pulls into M N’Zoth with many sub 10% wipes and with pre-patch right around the corner we likely have 3 raid nights at most and 1 at the least left.
Nothing would be more frustrating than missing out because of something like this

Hopefully this will get resolved with the realm connection and before Sunday…


well, got a reply to my ticket, hopefully will be cleared up sooner than later, more than likely each toon affected will have to be manually restored. good luck to the others that are experiencing these issues.

Huh…I can’t seem to get a ticket registered…hummm

Besides random toons de-leveled, (120 -> 3; 90 and 85) my gear is gone de-leveled too… Even my hearthstones no longer function properly. My 120 hunter is stuck in Pandaria and has apparently learned nothing beyond. I submitted ticket through the link here. no confirmation if it went through or to which toon submitted it


This is a very concerning time for a problem like this to surface. There are three major events occurring shortly that would exacerbate a database problem like this, all coming in quick succession: the Khadgar merge (which was scheduled for tomorrow), the prepatch (which will change character and item levels across the board), and the release of the expansion. How these changes will interact with the current state of our characters is an unknown, but I feel it can’t go anywhere good.


To be fair, Arysa, they did not say “pay more attention to what characters you are looking at”. They said “Please make sure you are checking the right ones”.

That said, they were simply not aware of the issue yet, which they stated in their follow up response.


The symptom that concerns me most is that a character I did a name/appearance change for is now in my character list pre and post change. So basically I show the same character twice. Assuming player characters have unique identifiers, the only two reasons I can see for this are:

  1. An old copy of the database was spun up and the character select screen is randomly pointing to either the current database or the old one for each character slot.

  2. The appearance change service doesn’t actually change your character, but clones it to a new one and disables the original.

Either way, I’m stunned that the character states are saved this far back. It’s like a perfect snapshot of a point in time over half a decade ago.


Weeks??? That is just not acceptable. The game is bleeding life as it is. Is this what Blizzard really wants right before an expansion launch??

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Yea, I paraphrased; those sound like the exact same phrase to me. I have a lot of 120s - acting like I just accidentally made a mistake by looking at some of the only non 120s on my account is some quality GMing.

I get this is a sensitive and complicated issue, but with just those parameters, a simple investigation would have yielded, at least, someone familiar with this post, as my ticket didn’t go in until hours after this was posted. (And his follow up response came literally 36 minutes ago.)

Regardless, blaming the player for this before investigation is not what I would expect.


Stop using this excuse. It’s lame. It’s wrong. You have no proof to back this up.

You say this like the issue was planned.


Never mind.

/zips lips

Yes, Tenger, what every development team wants is an odd bug to crop up that totally disrupts their player’s experience right before their next expansion. O.o

Of course that isn’t what any of us want and we want to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible, but until the teams working on the issue can get a handle on what is involved in resolving the issue we cannot reasonably provide an estimate on how long it may take.

Understand, Game Master’s do not always make it a habit of scanning the forums and some issues that have a limited impact (i.e. a single realm in this case) do not always make it onto the radar until they receive a contact about it. After you replied to your ticket, which the same GM received, they checked around and found the ticket on the issue.

I’m sorry if you felt they were blaming you, Arysa, that really wasn’t the case. What we see on our side and what you see are entirely different things. The Game Master went off of what they could see in your list of characters, based on the most common explanation, since characters becoming unavailable is an extremely unusual situation.


This is what happened to me as well. I only have this one issue so far where I race changed a worgen into a mechagnome. I have my 120 mechagnome still but I also have a copy of a level 90 worgen dk that has all my bags, items and a portion of my gold from way back when. It’s so odd.

That’s what is going to make it hard for them to isolate the issue and find a solution.


I hope there is a technical explanation of what has happened when it is resolved. I’d be very interested in reading that.


I’ve had 2 characters de leveled, and 1 is completely missing, along with all my items for sale in the AH. Very frustrating, smh.