Level squish

now active on one toon…

…not all.

Well, that turned out interesting.

Call Greg in Fulfillment and tell him all toons to be squished or none

Uh… what?

one toon, squished to 80, no others squished

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But the squish only goes up to 50.

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cool, reporting some bugs

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You sure you didn’t just party sync with someone who is doing wotlk content?

Theres some major bugs going on

found it , Khadgar is messed up

He sure is, stalking me in a floating ball.


That Khadgar stuff is fascinating. I don’t think I have ever seen a single realm have such weird issues like that.

The coolest thing was that they squished the gold on the toon by 90%, they messed up my toon stack list when logging in, and deleted a ton of gear, reactivating gear i have not had on in years

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Sounds like your realm is the pre-alpha.