Account character cap increase

You’re right OP. Nerf DH.

Doubt that would ever happen. They would much rather you buy another account to get a total of 100. Would be nice, if they added another 5 per account at least though with all the allied races they added in Legion, and BFA.

That’s a funny way of spelling paladin.

Technically, only one character per account can log in at once.


Are u playing on a toaster with potato net? cause I’m playing on a 5 year old comp with sub par net and I don’t drop below 30 fps in mythic raids or dc at all

OH, M, GEE, Don’t feed my altoholicness!

The limit is in place so I don’t break WoW with all my alts

I can’t imagine the characters in the database actually impact performance all that much.

And, like, yeah, the Khadgar bug sucks, but it’s just that – a bug, not some weird hardware limitation.

No, these are all listed bugs in the game. Also read what I said, more than 20 people, which would not be a mythic raid since you know, its limited to 20 people.

The point wasn’t that those effect it, the point was that if they don’t have the tech to support a group of players in one area, why would we assume they have the tech to store 100 characters on a data server.

Do you have any links or stories regarding this? Even though I don’t support raising the cap, I don’t get how a merge would destroy peoples characters and gold like you describe, and I haven’t heard of it either.

I’ve asked the wife for an upgraded video card for Xmas. That, and trying to set up my UI to tone down spells, should make group PvE less painful.

Ask and you shall receive.

Added the blue post in case it wasn’t convincing enough

Wasn’t this a realm connection, not a merge. Also even if it’s a merge… mistakes happen and it looks like Blizz is working to fix it. If you are gonna say no more merges because 1 merge broke out of many over the years and is being fixed… well I dunno what to say.

I never said no merges, why are you putting words in my mouth after you asked me to source something, and then I did?

Just here to argue or what?

Uh… but you said…

Like, I am not trying to put words in your mouth, and I am SUPER confused now and sorta feel like you are the one looking to “argue”

You’re literally putting words in my mouth, that had nothing to do with me not wanting merges, it was an example of why adding more slots could potentially go wrong.

Again, you’re arguing just to argue.

Where in this do you see


wholeheartedly support this one. I play on MG and have a lot of alts, some for RP, others for game content, I don’t like having a cap at all. However, I don’t know about server-side if more than 50 would be difficult to implement.

I have an alt for each spec already, I doubt a normal player will be able to do it. It takes me literally all day just to do an emissary on 50 characters and I doubt regular players have the free time to just do emissaries for a whole day lol.

Why not? If you have that many characters you can easily make the gold to fund a second account just running old raids lol.

To be clear I’m not against a character cap increase, I’m all for it but I think a second account is a good alternative in the meantime.

Hmm… nope, you are partly correct. I did indeed misunderstand what you said based on the sheer negativity of that post and you questioning blizzs competence, topped off with a HaHa.

That said, no you didn’t specifically say you were against merges, so my mistake and appologies.

However I will say that my earlier statement was true, i was confused just as I said, and your instant hostility when somebody is asking for clarification does take away from your argument, along with the mixed signals of the entire post.