Multiple characters delvled to 85

There is a “my problem isn’t on this list” option that allows you to submit a ticket. It took me a while to figure it out, but it finally let me submit one that way.

Found it -thanks!

I had one deleveled I logged in to, it is like he was loaded back to Cataclysm. I also have a character I deleted years ago return and my Paladin has a 120 and his level 83 Cataclysm version available on the character select screen. All the stuff on my deleveled character was reverted including gold so thats fun. =D

I’ve also attempted to place a ticket in, but haven’t had a response yet, would like to have an acknowledgement that it’s being looked into, I’d say we get at least 1 character boost after the fix, if unable to restore change all toons affected to 120 to compensate for loss of gear, professions, and achievements.

Happened to me as well, my characters reverted to a lower level. It’s as if my main characters on Khadgar were restored from a backup from Mists of Pandaria era, before Warlords. My main is even in a guild I haven’t been in for half a decade.

The last time I played before this issue was yesterday, Monday September 21, so I am hoping my characters can be restored to the proper date.

There’s literally an acknowledgement in this thread :wink:

Your ticket will take longer for it to be responded to and the fix might take a little longer than that too as it’s not an issue that a GM will have the power to fix and it will need to be escalated.

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That’s not great. I’m having the same issue.

I’m going to be very disappointed if I can’t play my main in pre-patch or early Shadowlands.

Same problem here on Khadgar with a few different characters. I have 4 that have been rolled back. It’s really funny, though, but I know that these 4 characters are exactly where they were when I started playing again right before Warlords of Draenor launched.

Please make sure that if you’re experiencing this issue, that you put in a ticket:

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Again I have put in a ticket and got a response. It says it was being esclated and there is no ETA (could take weeks) for a fix. It only appears to be Khadgar.

Known issues are as followed:
Toons being delvled to 85
Toons being delvled to lvl a random lvl (from 1-85)
Toons being delvled and a different class
Toons that were race changed or deleted brought back to life(example i raced change my hunter to gnome, the orginal is back in my character selection)
Guild, items, bank, removed
Said toons that were delvled are still in orginal spots. (example my paladin is delvled to 85 but still shows in my guild at 120 and not online for 12 hours)

The fact that there has been no response other then its being looked into is fine but we need more info. This is something I have never seen in any online game unless a whole server was rolled back for some random reason.

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It’s REALLY HARD TO GET CUTTING EDGE when one of our raiders got DELEVELED TO 90.


Thanks guys. Appreciate this. /s


best feature ever


I also had a new second main I just dinged to 108 last week now is level 31. I have toons back that I deleted with symbols in their name (guessing cause someone else picked the name after I deleted). Its a huge disappointment. And of course they just took my next payment :rage:

My main 120 Rogue has flat out been deleted. I have a 120 hunter that has been cloned as an earlier level 85 version of itself. So now I have 2 hunters and no rogue.

I just made something up and forced past it. :slight_smile:

Have the same problem - majority of my characters have been rolled back 30 - 40 levels. no communication as to how long this will take to fix. Very frustrating !

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I have placed a ticket but I’d like to add my issue here since it’s slightly different.

On Khadgar, I have a 120 DK mechagnome that used to be a worgen. I race changed her a few months back, well today the ghost of the old worgen has appeared! The worgen dk was race changed around level 112, well now she’s level 90 but she’s got my old gear, bags and gold!

It doesn’t seem as if anything else fishy has been going on with other characters.

Hey all,

I created a main thread for this, so I’m going to lock this one up. Please keep an eye on the this thread for any available news and updates.

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