My 120 druid is now level 40

My levels dropped, I found myself in the Eastern Plaguelands and all items replaced with low level gear. Other toons have not been affected. Any ideas?

Either this is not the character you remember, or there was a dispute with a character boost? No one else has access to your account? Maybe a friend decided to make a twink character behind your back?


No, I was on it yesterday for pet battles as a 120. Nobody has access, and I have MFA enabled.

Did you boost this toon from level 40-120 yesterday or the day before? Have you checked your purchase history to see if it failed?

I still have the unused boost. No purchases made either.

Are you on the right server?

Yes, on Khadgar with my other toons. I’m still showing the achievement for hitting 120 on this toon as well. It’s just weird. I have ticket open with support now.

Do you just mean that they’re 40 on the forums or are they level 40 in-game too?

If it’s just the forums, then all you can do is wait for the forums to catch up. But if it’s in-game, then definitely leave your ticket open.

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I’d pop open a ticket on this, Cuthus. I’m seeing what you are seeing - I also see your 120. Looks like realm migration had something to do with this.


This happened to me as well, I had already sent out a ‘my character was hacked’ ticket before finding these threads, I am glad I am not alone on this! I know I wasn’t hacked because my boost is still in place, and I use an authenticator.

My main 120 which I’ve mained since release days is now level 90, my other main went from 120 to 72, and is carrying gear that she has never had. Achievements seem unaffected. Gold, bags, inventory items are all messed up and reverted to a pre-WoD state.

My main is even in a guild I haven’t been in for many years. I also have a few alt 120 characters which I rarely play that have been reverted to low level as well.

I hope this can be resolved soon, I was looking so forward to playing tonight. :cry:

It sucks when your in the only Horde guild going for cutting edge and I get de-leveled to 90…

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I also am reverted back to lower levels and my character names have symbols in them now?? So disappointed as I don’t get a lot of time to play to begin with and now I have to wait for Blizzard to answer our questions. I put in a ticket based on other feedback from others that got hosed on the Khadgar connections exercise.

I have several max toons that dropped to 90 and below, as well as numbers at the end of some character names. None of these things were like this earlier today when I logged out, it seems to have happened in the last few hours.

Same here. Multiple (but not all) toons on Khadgar with level changes, missing gear and gold. No pattern to it either. One that was 120 is now 61, another that was 120 is now 40. A level 80 that is now 41. I had race changed a character and now both are showing up. I put in a ticket but now that is not showing as being submitted either so I guess I’ll do it again.


Hey all,

I created a main thread for this, so I’m going to lock this one up. Please keep an eye on the this thread for any available news and updates.