[Black Dragonflight] <The Vending Machine> Recruiting For Season 2

The Vending Machine is a small guild of friends that have been playing WoW together for the last couple of years. We are an AOTC-focused casual guild as of 2021. We started with our former guild and evolved to the Vending Machine. Our guild members typically achieve KSM.

Recruiting: We’re recruiting all classes and specs, though healer and tank slots are currently full for raid there’s always an opportunity to flex on alt nights or in keys.

Raiding: We raid Thursday and Friday from 8:00 - 10:00 PM ET. We understand that as adults people have busy lives so we only raid twice a week

Mythic+: We love running M+ content! Most of the guild members are constantly pushing KSM or even Keystone Hero each season. Even if you have no experience with M+, we’re happy to help you out! Dungeons are so much more fun with guildies than random PUGs.

Social: We’re always online doing something! While we are primarily a WoW guild, we all play other games too. We like to run social game nights in Discord so we can just get together, have a couple drinks if you want, and play some silly games.

If you think this sounds like the guild for you, or you just want more people to hang out with while playing WoW, feel free to toss me a message:


Discord: Rhyban#0321

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Great group of people! 11/10 highly recommend. <3

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The Vending Machine is recruiting for 9.2! In major need of ranged dps for raid, though we won’t decline you for playing the classes you love playing. Add me on Discord if you’d like to run raid this week with us to feel if the guild is a good fit for you!

The Vending Machine is looking for more snacks! We’re recruiting for season 2 and are in need of a second tank and specific ranged dps. That doesn’t me we won’t love to have you if you don’t fit that description. Sending this to the top!