Looking for an Active guild!

Hello all! I need an active guild. I really am feeling like all my time is solo play and its making me not want to log in anymore…

I have plenty of characters to choose from, and am not against healing or DPSing both melee and ranged. SO lets talk…

p.s. - horde or alliance/server/spec I do not care as long as we have community

Good Day!

Hope this message finds you well.

Night Renegades is currently recruiting and would love for you to stop by and meet the fam! We are a tight knit gaming community that expands over a few different games. NR is an Ally casual AOTC guild on Doomhammer/Baelgun that has been around since the start, we are currently open to any roles/classes and are looking for people that are a great fit for our community and raid team. We also have M+ groups that run before raids and on weekends.

If you are interested in a chat or a few group runs please feel free to contact anyone listed below!
Bip-Doomhammer Dudz#1750 (Bnet) Dudz#7637 (Discord)
Bacstabath-Baelgun Eli#1219 (Bnet)

Current Progression: 10/10H SoD AOTC 9/10H CN 12/12 Nya AOTC

Raid Times: Wed/Thurs 2000-2300 EST

Guild Application: https://guildsofwow.com/nightrenegades

RaiderIO: https://raider.io/guilds/us/baelgun/Night%20Renegades

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seems to be doom hammer I guess!

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Heya! I run a casual-ish guild on whisperwind–we raid heroic and normal, as well as run keys, do xmog/mount/achievement hunts and genuinely enjoy playing together. We have a fun and active discord. I’d love to talk to you about us! bnet: TheLibrarian#11426


We are currently looking for more people to join our ranks for 9.2! Here is our current ad below with our contact if you would like to chat some more:

Enshadowed - US THRALL

Raid Days/Times: Tuesday and Thursday: 8:30pm - 11:00pm (EST)

Current Raid Progression:9/10 Heroic (with pulls on Sylvanas, attendance has been dismal - most of us have AOTC, just a matter of having enough bodies to trigger it for Guild)

Contact Info: Bnet - Ree#1799, DISCORD: Kayliee#7155


Enshadowed-US-Thrall is a semi-casual raiding guild, formed in 2008 on US-Wildhammer. We are made up of players with a variety of experience in WoW, from vanilla to new players and most of us have been playing together for a long time over a decade.

We moved to Stormreaver in Mists(which is now sadly severely low-pop) and have transferred to US-Thrall on 3/27/2021 for better recruitment with the goal of attaining AOTC and Mythic Raiding. While getting “Cutting Edge” is not our main goal, we would like to attain the numbers in our roster again to do mythic bosses and work toward it at some point.


• Healers (For raiding and those who can dual spec for Mythic Plus)
• Reliable DPS - Currently looking for melee classes as we are ranged heavy - DK, DH and WW monk would be ideal.

OVER ALL - Invested raiders and team members. We raid only 2 days a week and expect raiders not to be “raid loggers” who simply assume the raid will gear them and only sign on those days. Be punctual, know your class and be courteous about showing up for raid and most of all be “chill” we want to down bosses but have fun doing so.


DPS, Tanks & healers who want to push keys. This is a bonus. We would like to get back to having more than enough people who want to do mythic plus have the opportunity to do so with very little bugging. Being dual specced and having the ability to tank or heal is a HUGE plus.

OVER ALL: Our goal is to push toward attaining KSM for guilds and again not having to pug spots in all possible.


There are no specific requirements for players who do not wish to raid. If you wish to pvp, do achievements, gather mats to your hearts content you can have a home here.

Be an “altoholic” (we have tons of those)~ All we ask as that you be inclusive, nice, and mature. Returning players, Mythic Plus Busters and anyone looking for a home is also welcome to join and be part of our community. Enshadowed has been a guild on this game for a long time. We are stable even in the dry spells and our guildies always have a home here when they take a break and come back to the game. We would love to have more friends to add to our family!

Want to know more! Just ask us!

Hello Jorzuul!

I think you’d be a great fit for the guild I’m in, The Vending Machine. We are an active, AOTC guild that is recruiting to try and grow our raid team and our community. My discord and bnet are in the thread I’ve linked. If you like what you see there add me as a friend and message me!

Errant Venture is a semi-casual AOTC guild on Whisperwind-Dentarg that enjoys killing raid bosses and having fun!
Check us out on raider io for progression

Two raid teams and two raid times:

Monday/ Tuesday 830pm EST to 1030pm EST - Murloc Mayhem
Wednesday / Thursday 8pm EST to 10pm EST - Smashing Puppets

Whisper me on my BTAG kohmet#1597 if you are interested

That sounds pretty decent! I’ve been looking for a fun, social guild for awhile now, current guild used to be active, but it’s been a ghost town for awhile now. My wife plays as well, insanely casual, and a friend who is newer to WoW, but madly in love with healing as a whole, and + runs.

Hello! Chaotic Sol on Dalaran would love to have all of you!

We are a social/casual guild that loves to do all aspects of the game and are always down to help other people! We have people from all time zones, so there’s usually someone online. We are very active and so are both guild chat and discord!

We are also looking to expand our raid roster! We run normal SoD on Tuesday to teach and help gear people and we run Heroic progression on Thursday and Saturday at 8PM CST .

If you’re interested, please let me know!

If we haven’t talked already you can message me on bnet @ Ree#1799. I get so mesed up with names lol.