Found a guild for now!

Getting back into wow more. so gonna try new spec and class, holy priest or disc. hoping to find a group to play with and be social.
Any questions can feel free to ask.
Bnet: Apex#12441
Disc: Apex#5014

Hello :slight_smile: What server and faction are you currently playing on?

Btag: Xylunara#1333

Hello Apexy,

 [A] Children of Mayhem (Spinebreaker) is a close group of friends and an older community (average age is mid-forties). We raid Heroic (7/10) Tuesday/Wednesday and have a Fun ALT raid night Sunday nights. We run M+'s and other content on the regular. Our raid Night and times or 6:30-9:30 pm CST and Sundays are 5:30-8 pm CST. Contact me on Discord Fyrea#5777 or Thyrax#1884 on Battlenet.

Hey there Apexy! We’re an AotC oriented guild and we always welcome returning players. I sent you a friend request on Bnet so we could chat more, but I’ll also leave our spam below! Chat soon hopefully!

Hello Apexy!
The Vending Machine is a small guild on Black Dragonflight that is recruiting to build our community and get a larger raiding group for 9.2. I think you’d be a great fit and would love to talk more. If you like what you see in the post I linked, add me on discord or bnet and shoot me a message.

Is a Little Salty – Tichondrius is currently recruiting dedicated raiders for our Mythic in Sanctum of Domination raid team. We have recently revamped our team in 9.1.5 and we are currently 3/10 M. The guild has always had a mythic raid team with our best progression being 10/12 M in Ny’alotha but due to various reasons the team decided to take off the end of the tier and the beginning of 9.0. Our raid lead is currently 8/10 Mythic in Sanctum of Domination. We are a mechanics-based raid team and that will always be our focus. We have the ideology that once mechanics are mastered then downing the bosses will come with ease.

We raid Tuesday and Thursday evenings. However, the guild typically will host heroic and normal SoD runs, transmog events, host RBGs and run Mythic+'s throughout the week. If this seems to be a good fit for you, do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. Thank You.

Our Current Needs:

  • Priest (Shadow, Holy, or Disc)
  • Resto Shaman
  • Warrior (Arms or Fury)
  • Death Knight (Frost or Unholy)
  • Rogue

All DPS/Healers will be strongly considered regardless of spec or class but the above will carry more weight.

Raid Times are as follows:

Tuesday 7:00 PM – 10 PM PST

Thursday 7:00 PM – 10 PM PST

What will be expected of you:

  • Discord is required, not just for listening purposes but to also communicate with the raid.
  • Attendance is a MANDATORY, we understand that real life comes first and are more than happy to make necessary adjustments but posting out for attendance for the team to make adjustments to roster is to ensure that the raid does not suffer.
  • Preparation is another key component; we ask all raiders to show up with pots, flask, and food buffs. Most nights Cauldrons and Feasts will be provided, but having the backups just in case is required.
  • Watch the fights, practice the fights, and be respectful to our fellow raiders.

The best way to reach out to us is through discord by direct messaging me on discord at

Battle-Tag: Dotty#1845