Mage LF super casual AotC group

Mage looking for a chill place to raid, full tier if that matters!

Hi i am the GM and RL of Illidan Horde Used to be known at achieved Aotc in every tier, guild fell apart due to interpersonal drama with the co-GM and our tanks we are reforming to finish up heroic and then hopefully push into mythic if the roster boss permits. we do alot of m+. Raid times at wed-thurs 8-11EST our core is 8/11H guild is 6/11H

Hi Minoes, we are Tom Sellecks Mustache on Thrall, so no need to server transfer. We are an adult semi-casual raiding guild with the goal of getting our AoTC every tier. Take a look at our guild information and if you are interested hit me up for a chat.
Good luck in your search.

Tom Sellecks Mustache a Normal/Heroic Raiding Guild on Thrall (Since 2015) is looking for a more to join us for the end of Shadowlands

At Tom Sellecks Mustache we value the player above all, so we recruit the person behind the mask not the toon. We look for people that want to be part of a family, people that enjoy logging on to be part of a community, and people that remember that this is “a Game”, and it’s supposed to be fun.

TSM is made up of mature adults and we have no time for drama or elitist players, we play the game for what it is “A Game”. We laugh and carry on in Discord while we raid, but we try not to take ourselves too seriously, so we just run back and try again when we die. With a little effort and some encouragement, we get the job done and are able to sit back and laugh about our mistakes but celebrate and enjoy our success.


As a mustachioed person in this guild, I would like to add the following. Mature means that we cut up and have a good time, all the while being respectful, not hurtful. We taunt, cajole, exhort, and tease each other, but never losing an undertone of kindness and a regard for our fellow mustachers.
PS. If you are on the heal team, none of this may apply. :wink:

Currently Seeking:


DPS/Tank Off-spec to fill in and run Mythic +


Heals/DPS off spec to fill in as needed

Would love to have a Warrior (we have none)

Raid Schedule:

Tues./Thur. 7:00pm - 9pm EST

TSM is a Normal/Heroic raiding guild, Mythic raiding isn’t our goal.

What we are looking for from You:
We are an Adult guild, most of us have careers/families etc., and understand that sometimes Real Life happens. That being said our time is valuable and we are looking for players that can consistently make it to the raids. We aren’t looking to be server firsts, but we don’t want to be last either.

If you are looking for a positive raiding experience without all the Min-Max Elitist, then we may be the right guild for you. Come talk to us you will not be disappointed.

Contact: Battlenet - Zuul#1119 for more information.

Hello Minoes,

We’re currently looking for a few more DPS to add to our roster for our AOTC guild. We’re very casual and love to do fun events/activites outside of Raid. See below for more info on our Guild!

In a Pickle-Thrall (Horde) // 18+ AOTC Guild

As with most 18+ guilds, we have explicit language. We do ask that all of our members have thick skin, as we do like to poke at one another, all in fun of course!

We offer: A wide variety of activities everyone in the guild loves to do! From M+ and Raiding current tier, old content achievement/transmog runs, mount/pet farming, to playing other games outside of WoW together! If you think it… We do it!

Below is our current scheduled activity days:

  • Monday: M+ Night! Starts at 9pm EST and goes until the group(s) decide. Anyone can join in!

  • Tues: Heroic Raid Night 9pm EST until 11:30pm EST

  • Weds: Heroic Raid Night 9pm EST until 11:30pm EST

  • Thurs: Activity Day (N/H Raid, Fun-Runs - see below for Fun-Run info) 9pm EST until 11:30pm EST

Fun-Run’s include a variety of things to do, we welcome any members of the guild to join in on the fun!

  • Mythic raid(s) ( older raids of the expansion / previous expansions ).

  • Current expansion Meta Raid achievement runs.

  • Older Meta Raid & Dungeon Achievements.

  • Transmog Runs for older raids / dungeons.

Bi-Monthly / Monthly Events:!! - We offer a variety of events including: Gathering Contests, Transmog Contests, Guild Lottery, etc! We give out gold prizes for the Winner(s)!

Celebration!: We love to celebrate Birthdays & Christmas! We collect donations all year long to give out to members as a gift for their Birthday / Christmas!

Would love to chat and see if we’d be a good fit!
Btag: Neithia#1315
Discord: Neithia#4960

We are currently looking for a few more to add to our raid team.

We currently raid Tuesday and Thursday nights from 9-11est.
We have been AOTC since BFA.

When we are not raiding we are running content and Mythic+

We understand that wow is a game and people have lives outside of wow and raiding :slight_smile:

I would love to chat and see if you would be a fit for our team!

My discord is shiloh#0935
Bnet shiloh#1377

Happy gaming talk soon!

Hi. I think you might be a good fit for our AOTC guild, Moonwell Dancers.

Founded in February 2005, Moonwell Dancers is a casual, friendly Alliance guild on the Uldum server.

We play World of Warcraft for fun, and the guild has grown based on the idea that players can reach their shared goals in a friendly atmosphere far more effectively than in the cutthroat environment typical of so-called “raiding” guilds. We raid. We just have fun doing it. We raid Fri/Sat 5-730pm PST. We also run m+ throughout the week.

We also have achievement seekers. And battleground and arena gurus. We’re knowledgeable and helpful. And we have plenty of casual players who just like to explore what Azeroth has to offer.

If you’re still interested, my btag is Epsilonp#1422.

Hey Minoes,

I think you could find a cool place to play at The Vending Machine. We are an AOTC focused guild on Black Dragonflight that raids 2 nights a week, Thursdays and Fridays from 8-10 ET. We have a very active community people pushing keys or casually doing other content in the game.

We also are very social in discord so if not playing WoW we’re usually playing some other game together.

If you like the sound of that TL;DR or read the linked post fully and want to join us for a raid night to see if it would be a good fit for you, reach out to me on Discord or Bnet and we can talk more.
Discord: BryguytheFirth#0321
Bnet: Bryguy#11454

That describes us perfectly. Please check out our blurb below and let me if you are interested in learning more!

[A] [Galakrond] 7/11H – Looking for a couple more
Aegis is an adult, LGBTQ+ friendly, Alliance guild on Galakrond-US. Don’t let “adult” fool you, we’re certainly not “grown-up” by any stretch of the imagination, but we do have jobs, families, and outside responsibilities, so our approach to gaming is understanding of those things. We like to kill bosses with our friends and have a good time laughing while we do it!

Aegis currently has two set roster heroic teams, a two-night T/Th 7-10 central and a one-night Sunday at 6p central - both have consistently achieved AOTC over the past several years, both currently recruiting. We also run an open invite normal run on Saturday evenings that serves as a launching pad for new raiders, more casual players and alt experimentation. (And beverages and laughs.) We recruit players, not classes, as a rule, and strongly believe our members will have the most fun if they are playing a class that is the most fun for them. Joining the guild is not a guarantee of an immediate heroic raid spot, as the set rosters are up to the individual raid leaders, but I’m happy to put you in touch with those leaders if you want to talk that over first!

Our primary goal has always been to create a home for our members where our relationships with other players are celebrated AND our various adventuring itches are scratched, so while the guild organized activities tend to skew toward raiding and PvE content, our members enjoy a wide variety of activities, from achievements and collections to PvP and gold making. We encourage any member to start a group for the content that they enjoy and are happy to support that if we can!

If you are interested, you can let me know here or you can reach out to me (or any officer) in game. I am always on a character that starts with “Thorn” (this one being my main), or you can ask any member of the guild for me.

You could also reach me through the following…
BattleTag: Thorn#1109. Or Discord: Thorn#2184

If you are looking for a home and like to game with good people… Aegis could be the guild for you.

Note: We are looking to add only a couple more individuals to our Tuesday/Thursday and our Sunday raid teams. We are a Heroic level guild, and we are currently on Anduin basically we missed killing him by seconds last week so I am fairly confident he dies this week. We are looking for people who know the fights and can contribute at a high level. We currently are looking for DPS only. If you are looking for a change, if your guild is or did disband, find yourself without a home, or if you want a fresh start for the upcoming expansion, please read our blurb below and let me know!)

Hey Minoes!

I’m not going to bog your recruitment thread down with pointless spam. My guild is looking for a mage. We are 6/11H, Alliance on Dalaran-US. If you want my long winded blurb you can check it out here: [A] Reborn and [H] Calamitous Intent of Dalaran 11/11 H are recruiting M DPS and Flexers!

If not, completely chill too. You can get ahold of me on my btag if you wanted to talk–Nephilim#1432.

Looking for new players to fill out our raiding team. Currently we are 11/11N 7/11H pushing for AOTC
We are in need of the following.

R-DPS- Warlock/Shammy/Boomkin/Mage/Priest/Hunter

M-DPS- Warrior/Rogue/Shammy/Monk/Demon hunter/Death knight

Heals- Full atm but maybe in the future “If you can play an OS hit me up”

Tanks- Full atm but maybe in the future “If you can play an OS hit me up”

Any and all classes/specs are welcome!

We will be raiding tues/thur 8-11pm cst time with a 5-10min break around halfway through raid night

"Feel free to add any of the officers or join our wow community to chat or for more info LemLock#1686 Chetaria#11739 Ammunrae#1436

Your guild sounds like fun. I’m getting back into WoW and M+ and possibly raiding (I used to be an OK raider). I’m looking for a fun, casual, funny group of adults :).


I am recruiting for my guild Mind Game. We are currently 10/11N 8/11H. Raid Schedule Tuesday/Wednesday 8pm -11pm EST. We are a closeknit group of friends that are looking to expand our group. For raid we only ask that people perform close to each other and look to improve.

Contact info: Btag: Vaun#11197 Discord: Vaun#5071

Hi Minoes!
Created in 2008, Fätal Errör- Bleeding Hollow is a family-oriented guild. We are currently looking for like minded raiders who are looking to progress, but care more about having fun and enjoying friends. We raid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm-11pm EST and have an alt raid on Fridays. We are currently 11/11N and 8/11H. We would love to get AOTC and enough people to eventually dabble into mythic. While we are promoting a friendly and fun atmosphere, we expect raiders to show up to raid prepared and ready to progress. When not raiding, people are consistently running mythic+, pvping, and hanging out in discord. We are a very social and active guild. We would love a DH, Mage, and Enh Shaman, but we will take anybody who is a good fit.
Feel free to whisper Jumpernickel or Gahena in game or btag Chastely#1336 or Kayla#1755 and we can shoot you an invite to our discord as well.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi, we might be a good fit depending on the raid times you are looking for. We are currently looking for a mage for our core group. We aren’t “super casual” but we are a very chill AOTC group. Take a look at our post and feel free to reach out if you are interested. Btag: Rip#1288

Best of luck in your search!

Hello Minoes!

I am a Recruitment officer for and we are looking to expand our core raid team to finish out heroic, as well as run higher keys. We are currently 8/11H, Lunar Blade is located on Mal’Ganis[H]. If you would like to learn more about us and our community we have created please take a minute and check out our Recruitment forum! No longer recruiting- Delete POST
Thank you :slight_smile: