Multiclass LF Guild

Yello! I’ve been debatin which class to play for 9.2, as I am done with this tier. Have been guildless since Nathria came out, and wanting to come back for 9.2 with a home to come back to. I am 7/10H this tier, AOTC in nathria, with light mythic prog from ny’alotha, also raided some way back in MoP/WoD. I can raid 7-11pm CST(can go earlier or later on weekends), and have most classes at 215+ with legendaries. Horde/Ally doesn’t matter to me.

heyoo! i think we may be a good fit for you. reach out to me if you agree! here is my link, read it over and let me know - Dalaran [H] is recruiting for 9.2 Mythic Prog!

We are also “very done” with this tier and look forward to getting our roster strong for 9.2. If you are open to server transferring we are on Thrall and would love to chat.


Enshadowed - US THRALL

Raid Days/Times: Tuesday and Thursday: 8:30pm - 11:00pm (EST)

Current Raid Progression:9/10 Heroic (with pulls on Sylvanas, attendance has been dismal - most of us have AOTC, just a matter of having enough bodies to trigger it for Guild)

Contact Info: Bnet - Ree#1799, DISCORD: Kayliee#7155


Enshadowed-US-Thrall is a semi-casual raiding guild, formed in 2008 on US-Wildhammer. We are made up of players with a variety of experience in WoW, from vanilla to new players and most of us have been playing together for a long time over a decade.

We moved to Stormreaver in Mists(which is now sadly severely low-pop) and have transferred to US-Thrall on 3/27/2021 for better recruitment with the goal of attaining AOTC and Mythic Raiding. While getting “Cutting Edge” is not our main goal, we would like to attain the numbers in our roster again to do mythic bosses and work toward it at some point.


• Healers (For raiding and those who can dual spec for Mythic Plus)
• Reliable DPS - we currently have most classes and stress that is it more important for you to enjoy what you play and be good at it - rather than play the meta.

OVER ALL - Invested raiders and team members. We raid only 2 days a week and expect raiders not to be “raid loggers” who simply assume the raid will gear them and only sign on those days. Be punctual, know your class and be courteous about showing up for raid and most of all be “chill” we want to down bosses but have fun doing so.


DPS, Tanks & healers who want to push keys. This is a bonus. We would like to get back to having more than enough people who want to do mythic plus have the opportunity to do so with very little bugging. Being dual specced and having the ability to tank or heal is a HUGE plus.

OVER ALL: Our goal is to push toward attaining KSM for guilds and again not having to pug spots in all possible.


There are no specific requirements for players who do not wish to raid. If you wish to pvp, do achievements, gather mats to your hearts content you can have a home here.

Be an “altoholic” (we have tons of those)~ All we ask as that you be inclusive, nice, and mature. Returning players, Mythic Plus Busters and anyone looking for a home is also welcome to join and be part of our community. Enshadowed has been a guild on this game for a long time. We are stable even in the dry spells and our guildies always have a home here when they take a break and come back to the game. We would love to have more friends to add to our family!

Want to know more! Just ask us!

Hi there and Happy Holidaze! I’m not sure if you have had a chance to see our post but here it is! We are casual, calm, and collected (The Big 3 C’s) and maybe more importantly, not into telling people what they wanna do. We ask you to help us fill our needs. If you’re tired of the run-around, guild leaders not being decisive, activities seemingly closed off…there is another way. Check out our post here and think about connecting with us! We also have a Community so you could check us out in action with no strings attached! I look forward to hearing from you!

Hello there!

We have open spots on our raid team. I’ll drop my guild add below and if things sound interesting, drop one of us a line, we’d love to chat!

Hi there Scythe!

[The Numpty Brigade] is a relatively new Horde guild on Illidan looking for more!

We’re run by a couple of mythic raiders who had enough of guild-hopping and decided to go for something more casual and less stress. We aim to be a AoTC-focused guild and our goal is to form a group to get AoTC with before 9.2 hits!

Our raid times are 7:30-10:30PM CST on Friday/Saturday. While we’re waiting to form a full team, we’re running normal raid and spamming keys to help each other gear up and hang out.

If you’re interested, feel free to message Ackleholic#3313 on discord or Kreg#2602 (discord)/Kreg#11527 (bnet)

BiOL is always looking for all kinds of raiders and guildies and is now recruiting for next tier. Our hours fit so check us out below and if interested give a poke!

Hello, please see our recruitment message below and if it sounds like something you would like to be a part of please feel free to reach out. It is a great time to jump in as we are gearing up alts, new mains, and new members for the next tier.

A] [Galakrond] 10/10H – Looking for a couple more

Aegis is an adult, LGBTQ+ friendly, Alliance guild on Galakrond-US. Don’t let “adult” fool you, we’re certainly not “grown-up” by any stretch of the imagination, but we do have jobs, families, and outside responsibilities, so our approach to gaming is understanding of those things. We like to kill bosses with our friends and have a good time laughing while we do it!

Aegis currently has two set roster heroic teams, a two-night T/Th 7-10 central and a one-night Sunday at 6p central - both have consistently achieved AOTC over the past several years, both currently recruiting. We also run an open invite normal run on Saturday evenings that serves as a launching pad for new raiders, more casual players and alt experimentation. (And beverages and laughs.) We recruit players, not classes, as a rule, and strongly believe our members will have the most fun if they are playing a class that is the most fun for them. Joining the guild is not a guarantee of an immediate heroic raid spot, as the set rosters are up to the individual raid leaders, but I’m happy to put you in touch with those leaders if you want to talk that over first!

Our primary goal has always been to create a home for our members where our relationships with other players are celebrated AND our various adventuring itches are scratched, so while the guild organized activities tend to skew toward raiding and PvE content, our members enjoy a wide variety of activities, from achievements and collections to PvP and gold making. We encourage any member to start a group for the content that they enjoy and are happy to support that if we can!

If you are interested, you can let me know here or you can reach out to me (or any officer) in game. I am always on a character that starts with “Thorn” (this one being my main), or you can ask any member of the guild for me.

You could also reach me through the following…
BattleTag: Thorn#1109. Or Discord: Thorn#2184

If you are looking for a home and like to game with good people… Aegis could be the guild for you.

Hello Scythe,
[A] Children of Mayhem (Spinebreaker) is a close group of friends and an older community (average age is mid-forties). We raid Heroic Tuesday/Wednesday and have a Fun night ALT raid night Sunday nights. We run M+'s and other content on the regular. Our raid Night and times or 6:30-9:30 pm CST and Sundays are 5:30-8 pm CST. if interested contact me Fyreaa/Thyrax on discord. Thyrax(Fyreaa)#5777.

Hey there!

The Vending Machine is recruiting more members to get ready for 9.2 and also build our community. I think you’d be a good fit. you can find my discord or bnet in the link so if you’re interested you can reach out to me after reading over who we are!

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