[A][Its Mine I Licked It]8-11 EST T/Th, Vet. Raiders LF DH/DK/RDPS/Heals for SoD CE (4/10M 10/10 H)


Still looking!

Shadowlands waiting room right here.

The guild name tho… <3<3

Haha, thanks!

2 more months!

Yep. Exciting! And still recruiting!

Still looking.

Up you go. Primarily need DPS, but still have room or all and willing to consider anyone if they are the right fit!

Yes! a few dps would be wonderful.

Especially Ranged! Willing to talk to anyone that seems to be a good fit though, we have several players willing to play multiple specs.


I’ve mained a holy priest since Vanilla and am looking for a guild to raid with and hopefully call home going forward in ShadowLands.

My recent progression is:

Nyalotha: 5/12M
Uldir 8/8M CE, BoD: 8/9M, COS: 2/2H, EP: 5/8M
TOS 5/11M, Antorus 5/11M

My raiderIO is under Raeanna-Stormrage

I’m looking for a mythic guild that pursues CE but doesn’t raid 20+ hours a week. I am US Eastern Time so hours between 7pm ET- 1am ET are preferred.

Please feel free to contact me at Raeana#8458 on Discord or Raeana#1652 on Bnet.

Need some ranged dps.

Also looking for a MW/Resto Shaman!

Still Looking

Needs updated!

Will somebody bring the cookies?

mmmm cookies

Where’s the ranged dps at? We need those pew pews!

Prepatch when?