[A] From Ashes (Whisperwind/Dentarg) LFM

From Ashes is a fun, social, and mature guild on the Alliance side of the Whisperwind/Dentarg server. We came together out of a strong desire to form a family-like community who wanted to play the game in a friendly low key environment while still managing to kick butt and have a good time doing so.
Have a full time job? Kids? Need an environment that understands that real life comes first? From Ashes is for you! We cater to those 21 and older who want to do anything from raiding to mythic + to farming old achievements and mounts.

Our raid team likes to have fun in a low stress environment while pushing normal and heroic progression. We expect raiders to be on time and prepared with food, flasks, enchantments and consumables, along with a basic understanding of the fights. Inexperienced? We are willing to help you learn, as long as you are willing to put the effort in for us as well!

We are 12/12 N and 9/12 heroic Nyalotha (8/8 H Azshara’s Eternal Palace (9/9 H Dazar’Alor, 2/2 N Crucible, 8/8 H Uldir, AOTC).

Currently, we are only looking for melee dps.

We raid Sunday and Wednesday, 8pm-10pm CST (server time).

Not interested in raiding? We do everything from mythic + dungeons and N/H raiding to WQs and alt runs to achievement, xmog, and mount runs and other fun events. We are looking for all classes to build up multiple consistent Mythic+ dungeon teams as well! We could really use a few more casual tanks and healers interested in M+!

Are you ready to rise? Contact me via BattleTag: Chelusa#1974 Contact one of our officers in game: Jyou (GM), Namaah (myself, Officer), Jubalo (Officer), CobraĂ°ru (officer), Annakin (Officer), Aperthir (officer), Iamwdy (officer) or Rally (Raid Lead)

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You know you want to join :grin:

We are still looking for a mage to round out our raid team as we head for AoTC and into N’yalotha!! We will also consider other dps but really would love a mage. Social/casual players are welcome as well!

We are still looking for a mage to round out our raid team as we head for AoTC and into N’yalotha!! We will also consider other dps but really would love a mage. Social/casual players are welcome as well! <-----------this

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We are still recruiting!

Hello, saw you post in some other topics but figured I’d respond here. I’m brand new to the game, maybe 10 hours of game time over the years. For some reason I’ve been wanting to give the game a try and your guild sounds like exactly what I’d be looking for. Are you open to new players?



Yes we are! I’ll add you btag and we can talk


Have seen your posts to others that was in search of a guild with a certain feel. My wife and I are ex-hardcore raiders that have been around since the end of BC. We have just recently came back after almost a year off.

We are looking for a home. Not just any home, one where we are not treated as a number or if you are not on core team you get left out and become invisible. We are not looking for a raid spot, and the days of core raid spots are behind us. We would like to find somewhere we can run mythic+ with guild and have fun doing so.

Both of us are extremely laid back and don’t mind wipes, heck most are really funny. If you can’t laugh at your failures in a video game then why are we even playing. We both like to dabble in BG’s and wouldn’t mind filling in for missing raiders if spot needed filled.

I guess what is most important to us is an active guild where it feels like you are hanging out with your friends. So many guilds are not active in guild chat anymore and there is no community inside of a guild. It is like being with a bunch of solo players or everyone is separated into their own little groups and refuse to do anything with anyone else.

We both have played numerous specs in raids and mythic+ so playing tanks, healers or dps is not a problem with us. Both of us are over 30 years old so the days of being carefree have long been replaced by real life.

We are currently on Whisperwind Alliance and have been so for years. Just thought I would reach out to you and see if we might fit in well with your guild family. Thanks for your time reading my wall of post.

Hi Night! I’ll reach out to you ingame tonight if you’re on!

I am on but not on my hunter. my battletag is Vodoonight#1930. If you want to give me a holler on there.

Sent you a request!

Hello there

Hey there.
I would love to talk to someone more about the guild and server.
I have a alt on Whisperwind now & a few 120s I may be willing to xfer over given the server is a good fit for my play style.

About me:

Returning player .
I DO NOT have a main.
Im a altoholic.
I wish i could raid but real life at present does not allow me the time .
On about 3 days a week.
I would learn to get comfortable with healing and tanking.
Fun, friendly, I love to help others if I can .

Anjelica#1603 - Discord
Iamtheanjel#1663 - Battlenet

I am also interested in your guild. I been playing since vanilla and quit during legion. Casual player since then doing old content and other things. I have an army or alts all from level 1 to 80 lol. I love healing and tanking and normally on my paladin or bear :slight_smile:

My playtimes are all over the place and currently can not commit to anything, hence the I play lower level stuff. But would love to have other to chat with and run content all over the board.

Hit me up if you see me on!!

I am also interested in your guild, as it seems to be the type my husband and I are looking for! I would love to talk to you more about it, if you’re still recruiting!! (My main is Athora#1761)