Random Overwatch Crashes not just me but also the teammates

so during games me and my teammates game crashed them to desktop first i tho it was me alone but then it was the team mates too they were getting kicked out and coming back


Hey there,

All of your teammates are crashing to desktop at the same time?

The first part of your description indicates that but the second talks about them getting kicked out and rejoining. Does that mean they are disconnecting from the match or are they actually seeing their game crash to desktop like you are?

If you can provide details like error message, crash ID, along with data requested mentioned here, that can allow the community to assist.

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it has happened to me twice today I will provide a code so you can view the game


it happened to me at 2pm today when i sat down for three hours and only needed one win to accomplish my goal. My team was winning. I was so mad that I have been sitting here until 7:30pm which is now trying to get to that SR again and my team disconnected again. there is the code.

Blizzard, I know this is illegal and not part of your terms, but please give me my sr back that I lost from disconnecting earlier today. I was 3 SR points from my goal. I was about to win it, and then my team disconnected. Only my team on both games and not the enemy team, as you can see in that one code. Nobody is being given an error code, either. I have wasted my evening playing this game when I wanted to do something else. I have had nothing but misery with this game and all I so is stay bitter now because things like this keep happening. For the love of all that is, please give me my SR back.


look they all got the same crash to desktop 3 of them had this… they actually saw their game crash

dude im still mad because I am STILL trying to recover from the loss that this caused me the other day

this has seemed to have been a pretty common problem here. must be some sort of new exploit


the amount of heart i am putting into this. I just want my SR back. I need an accountable team of people to review this and even if they dont come to a conclusion, please reimburse me. Their hidden MMR system has granted me two leavers in three games. leavers who were dps and left because they werent getting kills and were afraid of getting called out, i presume. the other game without a leaver was a clear loss, so that makes three losses and 140 SR below where I was before this happened. I’ve been at this for three days now. I’ve never had this much trouble before. I’m throwing my heart and soul into this. I want my SR back and this hidden MMR/matchmaker/whatever this is is making ti worse. the more games i lose, the less endorsements I will get, sending me further down into the plateau where I’m now with other players who don’t get endorsed due to toxicity. I always got endorsements. always. I havent got any in all of these losses. I need compensation. No, I’m not entitled, but anybody who was looking at this from a humane point of view and can see how much I am pouring myself into this and the tears I have been shedding behind my PC for days will understand just how badly this is killing me.

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i think you are right someone is doing it

yep my entire team just got disconnected 3 times

I’ve provided a replay code below too


could you all exaplain if ur got any error msgs, if there was a countdown, what happened when u got kicked out, etc? cause i cant see that in the replay viewer

yes the second time this happened to me, I never got an error message. My entire game window was closed, and I had to click “rejoin match” only to immediately get disconnected and have the game window crash within seconds of clicking to rejoin the match. All I have are screenshots of people coming back saying things like “wtf is going on” etc.

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were you in a group?

no. I was solo queue both times

do you have a replay of both or just one?

just the one. I thought just having one would be sufficient. It’s the exact same manner in which it happened on both. It began happening when it became clear that my team was winning, and it was only on my team that people began to disconnect

I’m having the same behavior as well. Game just disappears randomly and I’m sent back to my Desktop on Win11, Play Now button is immediately enabled on Battle.net client and I’m able to rejoin the match after relaunching the game.

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Just had the same issue yesterday and decided to check my hardware for updates.

Update my Windows 11. my NVidia driver and uninstalled my Logitech Gaming Software because it wouldn’t support my M + K anymore and installed G-Hub instead. Hadn’t have it till now. Will tell if that changes.

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Game crashes but there’s no error code or ID or whatever. Just sends us back to the desktop as if we never started overwatch. For the record if the game crashes for one of us then the rest of us get the same crash one at a time very rapidly. We log back in and we’re still in the group and voice chat just not the match.
Edit: Win10 btw


My friends and I were queueing for a competitive match when the match found menu popped up and was frozen on it. This was an issue for everyone in the match as they also reported the same thing in match-chat. One of our team members was kicked out of the game and then we found a match instantly, which worked this time. Then in the match my game shut down completely (no warnings, no other issues, straight to desktop).
My game has NEVER shut down like this. I was kicked out of the competitive match just like my teammate and I lost FIFTY(!!!) SR and was suspended. Stuff like this shouldn’t happen and ruins people’s experience.
When I tried to submit a ticket about this issue it just loaded infinitly and gave me the errror: “You can’t submit this ticker”, after I had retrieved my MSInfo and DxDiag files for it.

Hey there,

So I wanted to chime back in on this for a couple of reasons.

1st. the Rating and SR system is a closed system. This is intentional to prevent tampering. This means that regardless of reason, if you lose SR, it will not be recovered. That is universal so if you are experiencing frequent or constant issues resulting in disconnection/crashing out of matches, then it is recommended you stop playing competitive until the issue is addressed.

2nd. I personally encountered this issue last night myself in a QP match.

Game client just closed with no warning, no indication that there was an issue. I was just pushing through a choke with Orisa and suddenly I was looking at my desktop. This was the first match I played for the night within a couple minutes of joining. (It was a backfill too). But I was solo queued so could not say if it happened to others.

It only happened to me once and after I restarted I was fine for the rest of the night. (I am dealing with some Overheating issues so it is possible that contributed in my case, but other than that, it matches what I have seen described here.)


Whatever the issue is, it does not appear to be widespread. There are enough reports to suggest a potential issue but keep in mind even with the dozen or so reports here in the last 5 days there are millions of players. Even if only one in 20 reported the issue here that still isn’t very many cases compared to the number of players actively playing the game globally.

This doesn’t mean there isn’t an issue but it does suggest there is either some rare commonality between folks experiencing it or there is a rare intermittent issue affecting the occasional match.

My recommendations here. (Which I have done on my end already after it happened last night to me) is to reinstall your video drivers, disable any other software that is running in the background. (This includes stuff like amd overlays, geforce experience, logitech, razer, msi, asus, alienware, hp software and the like) make sure you do have all available windows updates, and do a 60 second shutdown and restart of your local network, including modem. Retest. Probably avoid ranked for the moment.

I have not yet had the issue happen since but I only played for a couple of hours after it happened. If you continue to see the issue happening it may be worth submitting a bug report in the bug report forums.

I also recommend posting dxdiags here as per this post.

We can continue looking into this to see if there is something similar between us that might be causing this.

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