Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

The game just freezes after a few seconds, I already posted in the beta, but I got no response.

If you are having the same problem, leave your specs below.

My dxdiag: dxdiag -

PC Specs:
Motherboard: ASUS B85M-E/BR
Intel(R) Core™ i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz (2 cores, 4 Threads)
GeForce GTX 750 Ti
16 GB Ram

Temporary Fix:


I was about to post the same, but mine didn’t crash in training area, It was mid way my 3rd game. There was so much freezing and crashing going on in both Beta’s I thought it would’ve been fixed by now.


Yeah, I am experiencing crashes within minutes of playing the game, doesn’t matter if i’m in the practice range or the menu


I was so excited when I made it in, now i have to go through wait list again /:


Same here, my game will instantly crash after a minute or so.

Didn’t happen in the betas for me, and it didnt happen for my first game today when the game launched. Ever since i restarted it, it has been instantly closing without an error log every time.

I tried reinstalling the game, and updating my graphics drivers. I’ve also tried scan & repair a few times

DxDiag: dxdiag -


same problem here, I really wanna play more but I’ll 100% get penalized if I queue again


I’m afraid of that too, cause then we have to send a ticket and wait for a response which could take hours


Thank god, i thought that i was the only one having this problem. The game is literally unplayable lol, it crashes after ~3 matches, it’s like if waiting 10 minutes to play the game is not enough


I waited through a 3h wait time /: constantly being reset because of “server disconnections” got into 1 game froze out within 3 minutes


Same here, same problem since the first beta and I posted this issue in the forums for so many times now. I cant even finish a single match because of the freezing, in the beta I can play 1-3 games before freezing but now I can’t. I do hope this gets fixed because we don’t have OW1 to go back to now


Same here, i cant finish a single match…


Same here, I’ve had this problem since beta 1.


same issue here , tried everything and blizzard still wont adress this problem that’s been happening from the beta test


Freezes and stops responding at random intervals, almost impossible to finish a match without someone thinking I’ve abandoned it on purpose. Even in practice range.

Game performance seems phenomenal and loading times are otherwise near-instantaneous even on mid tier 2015 hardware (with up to date drivers).

Risking a ban and making other players mad, literally unplayable.


same issue here. Game freezes and crashes randomly without any visible reason. Had same problem in beta. I have GTX 660 graphics card.

This maybe related to problem with old graphics card. The card works fine but having problem with old ones. Is there a setting i can disable which can help?

which graphics card u guys have???


currently using a gtx 1050ti


same graphics card here, I’ve updated my drivers, set game priority to high and still crashing, I think I’ve managed to make it through one full game since launch

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Suuuure a problem, since Beta 1 though. I don’t know what is happening…

I’ll try pc formatting later, hope that works ehehe.


wow, the freeze in this clip is EXACTLY what happens to me - down to the needing to restart my entire PC to be able to exit Overwatch 2 as another person has mentioned. It’s happened so much that I now am afflicted with the -75% xp buff, even though I’ve payed for the premium battle pass to gain xp… it’s really disheartening and I have yet to find a way to stop the random freezes, they won’t even let me alt tab / windows tab out to close it!


have you all tried the customer support ticket thing on the blizzard website? I tried it and now I am waiting for a response

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